July 16, 2024

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Darragh Moore, the spouse of popular gospel artist Lecrae has established herself as a prominent public personality in her own right. Her husband, Lecrae, has done both musical and acting work. The renowned artist Lecrae became a household name as a result of his several Grammy Award-winning gospel albums. He runs the independent label Reach Records. American-born Darragh Moore became well-recognized as the wife of Christian hip-hop artist Lecrae. 

On the other hand, Moore has done a fantastic job of keeping her private life under wraps, and she has been an essential part of her husband’s great success in the entertainment world. Get to know Darragh Moore better by reading this biography, which covers her childhood, family life, and career highlights. Darragh Moore prefers to stay out of the spotlight; she has been very supportive of her husband’s career.

It’s time to dig out some obscure Moore trivia

Darragh Moore Profile Summary:

Birth Name

Darragh Moore
Marital status Married

Date of Birth

October 9 1981


42 years old

Place of birth

United States of America



Spouse name  Lecrae
Profession Celebrity wife
Zodiac sign




Year Active

 till date

So, who exactly is Darragh Moore, Lecrae’s wife?

Darragh Moore is Lecrae’s wife. Darragh became famous when she was seen with the famous musician Lecrae. Other than that, though, her professional background is a well-kept secret.

Darragh Moore came into this world on October 9. By 2023, she will have reached the ripe age of 42. She was born and raised in the USA. Darragh was raised with the same values and norms as the rest of her community. As a Libra with a multicultural family tree, Darragh doesn’t fit well into any one category. Likewise, Darragh’s ancestry is a complete mystery. She has African roots but was born in America. Maybe that’s how she prefers to keep her personal life secret. Darragh has a firm grounding in her education. Her high school and college names are now being kept under wraps.

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What is the Size and Weight of Darragh Moore? 

There has been no disclosure of Darragh Moore’s stature. In particular, she has black hair and blue eyes. None of her other measurements, such as bra size, waist size, or hip circumference, are provided. However, a gaze at her pictures indicates that she is average in height and weight.

What is Darragh Moore’s net worth?

Since Darragh Moore is a reclusive individual, she prefers to keep her financial status secret for the time being. She has also just lost her job. As of January 2023, her husband, Lecrae, had a net worth of $2 million. His excellent music career has allowed him to amass this fortune. They just tied the knot, making Darragh eligible to inherit a large portion of the estate.

According to several web sources, Darragh has an estimated wealth of $100,000. Lecrae, Darragh’s spouse, has gained a considerable fortune as a result of his music’s global acclaim and economic success. By 2023, his wealth will have increased beyond $2 million.

How did Darragh meet her husband?

They first came together at a house of worship. The circumstances of their first meeting go back far. In his early days as a drug dealer, Lecrae found success in the Bible his grandfather gave him. After being apprehended for drug possession, the officer saw the Bible and released him.

The onset of Moore’s dipsomania coincided with his heavy smoking habit. As a young adolescent, he looked back on his life and saw how it had ruined him by every measure possible. Darragh, who would later become Lecrae’s wife, invited him to a Bible study where he met other individuals.

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Moore and Lecrae began dating soon after they met, and they remained together for some time before getting married. But Darragh and her spouse have been mute on the subject of when they tied the knot. They are married, but they have not told anyone about it.

This makes it difficult to calculate how long they’ve been married. Nonetheless, they have been together for over two decades, and their love for one another is stronger than ever.

Thanks to God, they now have three beautiful children.

Darragh and her husband, Lecrae, have two sons and a daughter. I need to find out how old their kids are and what their names are.

They raised their kids in Memphis before eventually moving them to the Atlanta region. Darragh and Lecrae were both committed Christians who raised their kids with the same fervor for the religion

About Lecrae Moore, Darragh Moore’s husband:

Lecrae Devaughn Moore (born October 9, 1979) is Lecrae Devaughn Moore Sr., although he is better known by his stage name, Lecrae Devaughn Moore. In addition to his role as president, co-owner, and co-benefactor of the accessible record label Mark Reach Records, he was the primary supporter and leader of the defunct non-profit organization, Reach Life Ministries.

His first proper album, Real Talk, was released in 2004 and was his introduction to the world. After the release of his third studio album, Rebel, in 2010, Moore saw a stratospheric climb in popularity. A Christian hip-hop song has never before reached the top of the Billboard Gospel chart.

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Throughout his career, he has released seven full-length albums and three EPs. As the leader of the hip-hop group 116 Clique, he has released a plethora of music, including three studio albums, a remix album, and an extended play. His earlier recordings on Reach Records demonstrate that, at that time, he had already honed the bulk of his material.

Lecrae, a Christian rap musician, has said that his new core is hip-hop but is laced with Christian confidence. Lecrae and Columbia Records struck a collaboration partnership in May of 2016.

Interesting tidbits:

Darragh Moore was born on October 9, in the USA.

She has risen to prominence as the wife of Christian rapper Lecrae.

In particular, she has black hair and blue eyes.

Darragh is a 42-year-old Libra.

Darragh has always supported her husband’s work, but she has never wanted to be in the spotlight.

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