July 16, 2024

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Aunjanue Tommy Flanagan, a well-known Scottish actor, is the father of Elizabeth Flanagan. Because of the names of her father and other family members, she hails from a famous family and has gained followers.

Even though she is still very young and has not yet launched her career or joined the film industry, many people are curious about her and have started to talk about her. Well below is a quick summary of the young Aunjane biography

Aunjane Elizabeth Flanagan Profile Summary:

Birth Name

Aunjane Elizabeth Flanagan
Gender: Female

Date of Birth

20th March 2012


11 years old

Place of birth

New York, United States of America


Parents Name


Tommy and Dina Flanagan


Celebrity Kid


Eye Color 



Year Active

  till date

Aunjanue Elizabeth Flanagan Personal Life:

Aunjanue Elizabeth Flanagan was born on 20th March 2012, most likely in New York; however, her exact date and place of birth are still unknown. Elizabeth Flanagan, the grandmother of her father, is the source of the name Aunjanue Elizabeth Flanagan. Aunjanue has amassed an enormous following thanks to her parents’ social media posts featuring her. Actress Aunjanue Elizabeth Flanagan is from Scotland. She has already acquired the popularity of her famous family because her father is the well-known actor Tommy Flanagan. Her mother has a background in the film business and has produced her films. Aunjanue, despite her youth, is already a rising celebrity and is well-known.

Parents Marriage:

The birthdate of Aunjanue Elizabeth Flanagan is 20th March 2012. Dina Livingston, a producer, and Tommy Flanagan, her parents, are both actors. On 1st August 2010, she wed Tommy Flanagan. Aunjanue Elizabeth Flanagan, their daughter, was born in 2012 and is related to Tom and Dina Livingston, both actors.

Aunjanue Elizabeth Flanagan’s Father:

Tommy, Aunjanue’s father, is a well-known British television and movie actor. His prominent roles are from the Fx criminal comic television series Sons of Anarchy. Filip Chibs Telford was the character he portrayed in the play. He also gained notoriety by appearing in movies such as The Game, Braveheart, and Face/Off.

Tommy has put a lot of effort into the film industry and contributed significantly to several best-selling movies. Because of his acting profession, he has a sizable following globally. Over his cinematic career, he has shared the screen with several well-known actors, including Theo Rossi, Ken Coates, and others.

Aunjanue Elizabeth Flanagan Family:

Aunjanue has many admirers from her family members at such a young age because most of her relatives work in the entertainment sector, notably the film industry.

She needs a Wikipedia page despite being the niece of another well-known actor, Andrew Flanagan, and the daughter of renowned Scottish actor Tommy Flanagan. Although there are additional web pages, they need to provide more reliable information.

Tommy Flanagan, her father, wed Dana Livingston in 2010, and the couple soon had their first child. The first marriage to Rachel Flanagan lasted from 1998 to 2001, and the second to Jane Ford lasted from 2007 to 2010. Tommy has been married to two other ladies in the past. Aunjanue, The mother of Elizabeth Flanagan, is a member of the film business who has also produced her movies. Most people remark about Aunjanue because of her stunning looks and modest character.

Aunjanue Elizabeth Flanagan’s Net Worth:

The exact amount of Aunjanue Elizabeth Flanagan’s wealth is unclear; however, her parents’ combined wealth is thought to be above $10 million.

Social Media:

She doesn’t have a social media account or utilize one, but her father has a 545k-follower Instagram account with the handle @tommyflanaganofficial. She attended the New York Tartan Day Parade with her parents, and since then, she has been the center of attention and has received some attention.

Aunjanue has amassed an enormous following thanks to her parents’ social media posts featuring her. A popular YouTube channel belongs to her. Her father influences her acting career. Her mother works in the movie and television industries. Both as an actor and a mother, she excels. She is also a successful actress with a $3 million net worth.

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