June 13, 2024

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Fashion superstar Clarissa Fisher is the former spouse of British businessman Simon Konecki. Clarissa Collicutt is Fisher’s professional Name, she is a designer and stylist who works in the fashion sector.

After marrying the well-known singer Adele in 2018, Konecki divorced her in 2021. Simon and Adele began dating in 2011, and their son, Angelo James, was born in 2012

Clary Fisher Profile Summary:

Birth Name

Clary Fisher
Gender: Female

Date of Birth




Place of birth

South East England (Sussex)


Famous For Wife of Simon Christopher Konecki
Spouse Name


Simon Christopher Konecki
Profession Fashion Stylist
Net Worth N/A

Year Active

  till date

Clary Fisher’s Marriage with husband Simon Konecki and why they divorced:

By 2004, Clary Fisher, a stunning fashion stylist from Swindon in Wiltshire, had become Simon’s soul mate, and the two had wed.

She received training in costume design at the Bristol Old Vic and tailoring from the London College of Fashion. She then worked as a stylist for several bands and TV program performers.

Initially, the young couple settled in East London, close to The Highway. Afterward, they moved to Flask Walk, one of Hampstead’s most exclusive homes. After losing faith in the financial sector, Simon departed the City in 2005. In 2006, when his career ended, Clary gave birth to the couple’s first child, a girl they called Georgie. 

The pair moved from London to Brighton shortly after that. In pursuit of celebrity endorsements, Simon developed relationships with several well-known personalities, including Stephen Fry. Unfortunately, the basis of his marriage started to fall apart as he devoted more time to his business.

Things between them rapidly declined once Simon left the City due to his profession. Jamie White, Ron Wood of The Rolling Stones’ stepson, also started an environmental company around this period. His repeated moves to different places due to his commitment to work strained their connection.

On condition of anonymity, one ex-neighbor recalled that the Koneckis’ marriage had dissolved amid intense hostility. Even after the family had settled into their new house in Brighton, Clary’s dissatisfaction lingered.

She had a lot of nasty things to say about Simon’s parents because they got him out of difficult situations very frequently. She constantly complained about how little money they had and how much of what little extra money they did have went to her husband’s water company. In 2009, Clarissa and their daughter were living alone at home.

In contrast, Simon Konecki connected with Adele through Ed Sheeran in 2011. Even before Konecki’s divorce from Fisher was formally finalized, rumors about their romance started circulating soon after they were first seen together.

Clary Fisher Second husband, Paul Collicutt:

She remarried and had another kid after divorcing her first husband, Simon. Recent reports claim that she is wed to Paul Collicutt, an illustrator and storyboard artist.

Due to her marriage, Clarissa is a mother to two small children. The couple had a girl they named Simone as their first child together in 2007. Recently, Clary gave birth to her second child, the outcome of her relationship with Paul.


Clarissa works as a fashion stylist in her personal life and business. Other than this, further details of her work life have not been made public. At 17, her husband Simon started working as a foreign exchange dealer. He is currently the organization’s CEO, working for Drop4Drop. Clary and his business partner Lucas White established this organization to deliver clean water to underdeveloped and impoverished nations. Sid Owen, a well-known British actor, and Stephen Fry, a comedian, both offered their support. Formerly, Clary held the director position at Icecap’s trading branch EBS. Also, he is a philanthropist who gave up his luxurious and urban lifestyle to improve the state of the planet.

Height, Weight, and Body Measurements:

As a celebrity, she must take exceptional care of her health to have a flawless physique and ideal body dimensions. Clarissa is a stunning woman with a thin frame of around 5 feet 3 inches tall. Also, she weighs a little over 59 kg on average. Her waist, hips, and shoe size have yet to be disclosed, along with her other physical dimensions.

Net Worth and Social Media:

In any case, her income and net worth have yet to be independently confirmed. However, she earns a lot based on her successful profession as a fashion stylist and her friendship with Simon. A fashion stylist’s typical annual salary in the United States is between $44,000 and $664,000, a considerable figure. With such a high salary, her net worth must be hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Clarissa only has an Instagram presence online because she prefers to lead a quiet existence free from controversy and media attention. She has around 348 followers on the network. On Instagram, she mainly posts information on her personal and professional lives.

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