July 15, 2024

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Renowned Nigerian journalist and LGBTQ writer, Vincent Desmond, has ignited a thought-provoking discussion by expressing his view that having children is an inherently selfish act on the part of parents. Desmond argues that bringing children into the world places a burden on them, compelling them to navigate the complexities of life and society.

In a recent tweet, Desmond shared his perspective, stating, “My personal qualm with having kids is that I believe it is inherently a very selfish act. It is selfish on the part of the parents because they are introducing an entire human being into existence and obligating them to navigate life and society. But for what purpose? Is it merely for the sake of personal pride or societal expectations?”


Vincent Desmond is a multifaceted writer, editor, and social media strategist who specializes in covering a diverse range of topics, including fashion, contemporary issues, queer culture, and pop culture. As a highly regarded freelance journalist, he has contributed articles to numerous platforms, endeavoring to shed light on queer experiences, the intricacies of fashion, and the Nigerian identity, thus amplifying these narratives for a wider audience.

Desmond’s assertion revolves around the notion that procreating can be perceived as a self-centered decision, as it imposes the responsibility of existence onto an individual without their consent. By bringing children into the world, parents are, in essence, dictating their participation in society and the lifelong journey they must undertake. Desmond challenges the motives behind this choice, questioning whether it stems from a desire for personal validation or societal expectations.

Through his thought-provoking viewpoint, Vincent Desmond highlights the complex ethical considerations involved in the decision to have children. His observations serve as a catalyst for deeper contemplation on the implications and responsibilities associated with bringing new lives into existence.

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