July 15, 2024

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A Nigerian composer, music producer, and captivating artist. Known for his soul-stirring melodies and mesmerizing compositions, Efeoghene Donald Idu, popularly known as Efe Mac Roc or Mac Roc, has made a significant impact on the music scene. With a diverse range of songs and a debut album that has captured hearts, Efe Mac Roc’s talent and dedication shine through in every note. From his early beginnings as a keyboardist in his local church to becoming a respected judge on a music TV show, his journey is one of passion, creativity, and a commitment to nurturing the talents of others. Join us as we explore the remarkable biography, career achievements, and musical contributions of this extraordinary musician.

Profile Summary
Full Name Efeoghene Donald Idu
Stage Names Efe Mac Roc, Mac Roc
Date of Birth November 10, 1990
Age 32 years old
Place of Birth Lagos State, Nigeria
State of Origin Delta State, Nigeria
Net Worth $50,000 – $100,000
Education Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science
Family Last of two children
Songs – Hope
– Ore Mi
– Yahweh (featuring E-Daniels)
– Without You (featuring Ginika)
– You Alone (featuring Kelvocal)
– Shine (featuring Stanflux)
Albums – Unstripped

Efeoghene Donald Idu, better known by his stage names “Efe Mac Roc” or “Mac Roc,” is a renowned Nigerian composer and music producer. Born on November 10, 1990, in Lagos State, Nigeria, he hails from Ughelli North, Delta State. Efe Mac Roc, the youngest of two children, spent his early years in Lagos before moving to Yola, Adamawa State, where he completed his primary education. He further pursued his academic journey at Benson Idahosa University in Edo State, where he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science.

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Efe Mac Roc’s musical journey commenced in 2004 when he became a keyboardist in his local church. However, it was in 2012 that he officially embarked on his music career, releasing his debut single titled “Hope.” This marked the beginning of a fruitful path in the music industry. The same year, he delighted his fans with the release of his sophomore single, “Oremi,” featuring Brenda Moses.

In April 2022, Efe Mac Roc unveiled his first album, “Unstripped – Mac Roc Sessions, Vol. 1 (Acoustic),” comprising 16 soulful tracks that captivated listeners worldwide.

Efe Mac Roc’s talent and expertise were recognized when he was chosen as one of the judges for Covers Africa Season 2, a popular music TV show and competition. Alongside esteemed personalities Simi Drey and Daniel Etim Effiong, he contributed his expertise to discovering exceptional musical talents. In March 2023, Efe Mac Roc embarked on a talent hunt, scouring different states in Nigeria to unearth and nurture upcoming artists.


Efe Mac Roc’s musical repertoire includes notable achievements and collaborations with renowned artists. Notably, he produced the songs “Yahweh” by Eben in 2015 and “Chukwu Okike” by Samsong in 2016. Additionally, his cover of “Wish Me Well” by Timi Dakolo further showcased his production prowess. His versatility as a producer shone through with the track “Want You – Acoustic Version” by Oxlade in 2022. Efe Mac Roc’s contributions to the music industry continue to flourish, with more exciting projects in the works.

Songs and EPs:

Efe Mac Roc has released a collection of soul-stirring songs throughout his career. Some of his notable singles include “Hope,” “Ore Mi,” “Yahweh” featuring E-Daniels, “Without You” featuring Ginika, “You Alone” featuring Kelvocal, and “Shine” featuring Stanflux. These songs showcase his exceptional talent for creating captivating melodies and engaging lyrics that resonate with listeners.

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In terms of albums, Efe Mac Roc’s debut project, “Unstripped,” stands out as a masterpiece. Released in October 2022, the album features 16 tracks that showcase his musical range and creativity. It is available for streaming and digital download, allowing fans to immerse themselves in his enchanting melodies and thought-provoking compositions.

Personal Life:

Efe Mac Roc’s personal life remains relatively private. While there is no confirmed information about his marital status, it is believed that he may be in a relationship. However, details regarding his personal life are scarce, as the artist prefers to focus on his music and creative endeavors.


Efeoghene Donald Idu, professionally known as Efe Mac Roc, is a highly accomplished Nigerian composer and music producer. With his soulful compositions and mesmerizing melodies, he has solidified his position as a respected figure in the music industry. From his early days as a church keyboardist to his successful album release and involvement in music TV shows, Efe Mac Roc’s dedication to his craft continues to inspire aspiring musicians across Nigeria. With a net worth ranging between $50,000 and $100,000, Efe Mac Roc’s contributions to the music industry and his commitment to nurturing upcoming talent showcase his passion and commitment to the art of music.

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