June 13, 2024

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Phil Simms is best known in the NFL for his fifteen seasons as the New York Giants quarterback. Simms was chosen for the Pro Bowl and helped his team win two Super Bowls. His sons played professional football like their father before them. The Simms family has recently become more popular among fans due to their involvement in the NFL. And while many people are familiar with Phil Simms and his sons, many others are interested in Diana Simms, Phil Simms’ wife.

Diana Simms Profile Summary:

Birth Name

Diana Simms
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown



Place of birth

United States


Spouse Name


Phil Simms
Children   Matt Simms, Chris Simms
Profession: Celebrity Wife
Ethnicity Mixed
Net worth:   N/A 

Wife of Phil Simms Simms, Diana:

Diana Simms, the wife of former New York Giants quarterback Phil Simms, first rose to fame due to her relationship with him. The Giants selected Simms in the 1979 NFL Draft, although the pair had already been dating for several years before Simms rose to fame in the league. On February 23, 1980, the couple exchanged vows in a small ceremony.

There needs to be more information available about Diana’s early years. However, some accounts claim that she was once a model who quit the business after meeting Phil. Despite being together for more than forty years, it seems as though their love is just becoming deeper with time. Despite the married couple’s reluctance to reveal their personal life, Phil Simms, beyond a doubt, cherishes his marriage.

Diana Simms Children:

Christopher David Simms, Matthew Phillip Simms, and Deirdre Simms are the proud children of Phil Simms and his wife, Diana Simms. Two of their three kids, Chris Simms and Matt Simms, joined their father in playing in the NFL.

On the other hand, Deirdre, Diana and Phil’s daughter choose to stay out of the spotlight like her mother. She did, however, wed former football player Brian Toal. In a New York Times article, Deidre and Brian talked about their relationship and marriage history.

In the same article, Phil and his wife also discussed their feelings about their daughter and son-in-law. Diana said that during their high school years, she knew of Toal’s interest in her daughter. It demonstrates Phil Simms’ wife’s attentive character and willingness to back her children’s choices.

Diana Simms Was A Strong Advocate For Her Husband’s Career:

The first four years Phil Simms spent with the New York Giants were challenging. He constantly had injuries, and his play was inconsistent, which made him unpopular with the crowd. Simms said in one statement that because of his poor performance, his wife Diana was compelled to stay in the grandstand and endure the abuse of his fans. They had just started their married life together. Diana remained Phil’s ardent supporter despite his career struggles. Despite many challenges, the couple never let them harm their marriage or family.

Social Media:

Diana Simms preferred to avoid the spotlight, unlike her husband, who achieved fame as a quarterback for the New York Giants. While Phil performed in front of tens of thousands of spectators, his wife stayed at home and relished the experience. Diana has never publicly discussed her early years or relationship with the former NFL star.

Even after 40 years of marriage, Phil Simms and his wife still seem to be deeply in love with one another. We wish the Simms couple success and anticipate hearing from them soon to discuss their enduring union. She has no handles on any social networking platforms.

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