June 23, 2024

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Yasmin is an Australian fashion designer and businesswoman. She is most known as the spouse of English actor Rufus Frederick Sewell, who performs on stage and in films. Fashion designer Yasmin is well-known. She is the proprietor of Etre Cecile and the fashion director for Style.com. Abdallah collaborates with companies, including Westfield, Maje, Hermes, and Mulberry. Yasmin’s store was chosen by The New York Times as one of the most well-liked globally. She has almost twenty years of experience working in the fashion sector. She is well known for having a great fashion sense regarding her hair and clothing. Yasmin regularly posts on Instagram. On the website, she has more than 100,000 fans.

Yasmin Abdallah Profile Summary:

Birth Name

Yasmin Abdallah
Gender Female
Married Status Married


48 Years

Place of birth

Sydney, Australia


Spouse Name


 Rufus Frederick Sewell (Ex-Husband), Kyle Robinson
Children Renzo Abdallah and Knox Abdallah
Profession: Fashion designer, entrepreneur
Famous For Rufus Sewell’s Ex-wife
Net worth: N/A

Yasmin Abdallah Early Life:

Yasmin was raised in Sydney, Australia, where she was born. Her precise date of birth is still unknown. However, she is currently in her forties. She shields the details of her family and siblings from the media’s spotlight. Abdallah reveals in an interview that her mother formerly worked as a hairdresser. Despite having Australian citizenship, Yasmin is of Lebanese and Australian ancestry. Abdallah has always been aware of her desire to work as a fashion designer. When she was sixteen, she quit school to pursue a career as a designer. Yasmin believes that whether working or making decisions, she should follow her gut. 

Yasmin Abdallah’s Physical Appearance:

Yasmin Abdallah is a stunning woman who is said to be 55 kilos (or 5 feet 7 inches) tall and 1.70 meters (or 55 feet) wide. She also has black hair and a complexion that resembles dark brown, which enhances her attractiveness. Yasmin also has a thin physique, although Yasmin hasn’t revealed her exact measurements. She looks to be in good physical health for her age—she is presently in her late 40s.

Yasmin Abdallah Marriage:

Yasmin has been married twice during her life. Rufus Frederick Sewell, a well-known English actor, was her first spouse. They were married in March 1999 after a year of dating. Sadly, their union was only able to survive for nine months. In 2000, Yasmin and Rufus split up. The cause of their split was never made public. After her first marriage ended in divorce, Yasmin married Kyle Robinson. Kyle performs in movies. Kyle and Yasmin have two kids together. Renzo and Knox are them. She and her husband, Kyle, have been contentedly residing in London. They also discuss each other’s companies. Yasmin stated in a Vogue interview that they complement one another’s unique talents and limitations. No rumors exist regarding Yasmin’s life. She is a contented wife, and She is happily married and resides with her family in London.

Yasmin Abdallah Career:

Australian actress Yasmin Abdallah was once married to English actor Rufus Sewell. Before divorcing, the pair had been married for a while and had a son together. Abdallah has appeared in several movies and television programs in Australia and the UK.

Yasmin Abdallah has established herself as a skilled actor despite her brief stint in the spotlight following her marriage to Rufus Sewell. Abdallah has established herself as a versatile and gifted actor with parts in several prominent films and television series in Australia and the UK. Her work in the entertainment sector continues to draw admiring audiences from all around the world.

Yasmin has always had a strong interest in fashion design. At the age of sixteen, she started concentrating on her fashion profession. Abdallah has more than twenty years of experience in the fashion sector. She performed in several events and collaborated with numerous reputable businesses. Yasmin is a prominent figure in fashion. She adds creativity to her designs and has a distinctive sense of style. Among the companies for which Abdallah has worked are Hermes, Maje, Westfield, and Mulberry. She is the owner of the Etre Cecile sports luxury brand. Yasmin is quite active in her role as the fashion director of Style.com.

She also oversees Kyle, her husband’s business. Paper Tiger Mache is the name of it. According to the New York Times ranking, Yasmin’s shop was among the most well-known stores worldwide. She has collaborated with well-known names in fashion, like Rick Owens and Gaspard Yurkievich. Yasmin is working hard to advance her fashion profession. Her excellent creations show how much she enjoys them. Yasmin has more than 100,000 Instagram followers. She posts images from her personal and professional lives on social media. Everyone adores her enthusiasm and style. 

Yasmin Abdallah Net Worth:

Yasmin is quite wealthy, thanks to her career in show business. She manages large clothing line enterprises and creates fantastic outfits. Hers is a well-known brand in this field. At Kyle’s Paper Mache Tiger, Yasmin also serves as the director. When we have more information, we’ll update this post with it. Yasmin must provide more information about her income, although she undoubtedly earns six figures. Yasmin enjoys a high standard of living in London. You may see images of her wearing jewelry and branded outfits. She is frequently on a lavish vacation. Yasmin adjusts her attire based on her hairstyle.

Yasmin Abdallah Social Media Accounts:

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are just a few social media sites where Yasmin Abdallah does not have a profile. She doesn’t seem to want to talk to the public about intimate details of her life. Recently, she has developed a strong sense of reserve and avoids attracting attention whenever possible. It’s conceivable that she is focused on her job and wants to avoid bringing attention to herself.

Fun Facts About Yasmin Abdallah:

  • Yasmin wears the brands Celine and Acne.
  • She enjoys different haircuts.
  • She enjoys swimming.
  • She has a pet dog.
  • She does pilates.
  • She likes Ellis Faas’s lipstick.
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