June 13, 2024

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One of the most well-known, intelligent, and athletic individuals in American football is Rodrigo Blankenship, also known as Rodrigo John Blankenship. On January 29, 1997, he was born in Marietta, Georgia, in the United States. He is a well-known, assured, enthusiastic, and endearing football placekicker who is 24 years old. Rodrigo competes for the National Football League’s (NFL) Indianapolis Colts. When Rodrigo played college football in Georgia, the United States, he made the longest field goal in Rose Bowl history.

During games, he dons thick black spectacles during matches, which attracted much media attention. Since he was a young child, he has actively been interested in and concentrated on soccer. When he was ten years old, he started kicking football. Since he was little, he has been quite active and enthusiastic. He received several honors, including the Lou Groza Award in 2019. He possesses all the skills required of a football placekicker. He was given the moniker “Hot Rod.”

Rodrigo Blankenship Profile Summary:

Birth Name

Rodrigo John Blankenship
Gender Male
College  Sprayberry High School, University of Georgia


26 Years

Place of birth

Marietta, Georgia, United States


Parents Name


Ken Blankenship, Izabel Blankenship
Famous For Football Placekicker for the Indianapolis Colts of the National

Football  League(NFL)

Profession: American Football Placekicker
Siblings York Bank Asla (Half-brother)
Net worth: Approx. US $300,000

Rodrigo Blankenship Biography Timeline

Rodrigo Blankenship is the placekicker for the National Football League’s Indianapolis Colts. He has become well-known for his excellent on-field precision, power, and distinctive appearance, including thick black spectacles.

1997: Rodrigo Blankenship was born in Marietta, Georgia, United States.

2015: He graduated from Sprayberry High School in Marietta, where he played football and soccer.

2016: Rodrigo enrolled at the University of Georgia and started playing as a placekicker for the Georgia Bulldogs football team.

2018: He played a crucial role in leading the Georgia Bulldogs to a win over the Oklahoma Sooners in the Rose Bowl, setting the record for the most field goals made in a single game in Georgia history.

2019: Rodrigo became a consensus All-American and was named SEC Special Teams Player of the Year.

2020: He signed with the Indianapolis Colts as an undrafted free agent and made his NFL debut in Week 1 of the regular season. Rodrigo established himself as a reliable and consistent placekicker, finishing the season with 32 field goals made, the second-most by a rookie in NFL history.

In the NFL, Rodrigo Blankenship is a rising star who has established a reputation for his extraordinary talent and distinctive eyewear. Throughout his football career, his amazing precision and reliability on the pitch have won him numerous admirers and honors. Rodrigo’s future in football is unquestionably bright as he continues his career with the Indianapolis Colts. With his enthusiasm, commitment, and distinctive flair, he will continue to serve as an inspiration to several aspiring football players. 

Rodrigo Blankenship: Age, Parents, Education, Ethnicity

Rodrigo Blankenship is one of American football’s best and most talented placekickers. On January 29, 1997, he was born in Marietta, Georgia, in the United States. He is one of the most appealing, well-known, and attractive 25-year-olds. He is brought up by his mother, Izabel Blankenship, and father, Ken Blankenship. About his siblings, nothing is known. His high school was Sprayberry. He participated in the All-American Army Bowl as a High School Scholar from 2014 to 2015. The University of Georgia is where he received his college degree. Additionally, 247sports.com ranked him as the ninth-best kicker in the United States. He is American by nationality and of a white racial background.

Rodrigo Blankenship: Height & Weight

Rodrigo Blankenship is a well-known and talented football placekicker 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 meters) tall. He is 184 lb, or 83 kg, in weight. His dark eyes are beautiful and lustrous. He has dark hair. It’s being determined what else can be said about his body, chest, and biceps.

Rodrigo Blankenship Salary

Rodrigo Blankenship is one of American football’s most well-known and wealthy placekickers. According to a list, he is the most appreciated football player. Our findings indicate that his estimated net worth is around $300,000. Additionally, he recently inked a $2,305,000 three-year contract with the Indianapolis Colts. He also agreed to a bonus with the Colts that is expected to be worth $20,000. He earns $768,333 per year on average.

Rodrigo Blankenship: Social Media Accounts

Rodrigo, a well-known football placekicker, has a large following on social media. He follows 1,689 individuals on Instagram and has about 221k followers. Rodrigo has a large following. He made 531 posts on Instagram. On Twitter, Rodrigo follows 1,713 individuals and has 46.2k followers. In August 2012, he signed up for Twitter. On Facebook, he has 6,252 followers and 1596 pals. Fans of Rodrigo eagerly anticipate each of his new posts.


  • Rodrigo John Blankenship is one famous, brilliant, athletic personality, excellently known as American Football Placekicker.
  • He was born in Marietta, Georgia, the United States, on January 29, 1997.
  • Rodrigo currently plays for the Indianapolis Colts of the National Football League(NFL).
  • Rodrigo kicked the longest field goal in Rose Bowl history when he played college football in Georgia, United States.
  • His estimated net worth is approximately $300,000, and he has an average salary of $768,333 annually.


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