July 16, 2024

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The famous American celebrity couple Steven Seagal and Kelly LeBrock have a celebrity child named Dominic Seagal. The Patriot (1998), Above the Law (1988), Steven Seagal: Lawman, Under Siege (1992), and other films and TV programs feature the American actor, martial artist, and screenwriter as numerous characters.

Like Dominic, Kelly LeBrock, Dominic’s mother, is an American model and actress who has appeared in Bruce Malmuth-directed films, including Hard to Kill (1990) and Weird Science (1985). Along with his stepbrother Kentaro Fujitani and actress sister Ayako Fujitani, the famous American youngster is related to them.

Dominic Seagal Profile Summary:

Birth Name

Dominic Seagal
Gender Female
Siblings Arissa LeBrock, Kentaro Seagal, Savannah Seagal, Ayako Fujitani


 33 Years

Place of birth

California, USA


Parents Name


Steven Seagal, Kelly LeBrock
Famous For Steven Seagal’s son
Profession: Actor
Height  6 feet 1 inches 
Net worth: $60,000 

Seagal’s early life and family

Dominic Seagal was born on June 21, 1990, in Los Angeles, California, in the United States. As of 2022, he is 32 years old. Steven Seagal and Kelly LeBrock, a well-known American couple, are Seagal’s parents. Dominic also has two biological siblings and five half-siblings. His step-siblings from Steven’s previous union are Kentaro and Ayako. While Annaliza, Arissa, and Dominic are all from his previous relationships with Kelly LeBrock. In addition, Yabshi Pan Rinzinwangmo, the son of Tibet’s 10th Panchen Lama, has Dominic’s father as his legal guardian.

Dominic Seagal’s Height and Education

Dominic was born and raised in the happiest environment possible, thanks to their parents. The celebrity youngster enrolled and completed his studies at a prestigious institution in his California hometown. The institution’s name and academic history have yet to be made public.

Dominic was born and raised in the happiest environment possible, thanks to their parents. The celebrity youngster enrolled and completed his studies at a prestigious institution in his California hometown. The name of the institution and its academic history have yet to be made public, though. Dominic, Steven’s kid, is 6 feet 1 inches tall and 73 kg in weight.

The famous youngster is of Caucasian descent and was born under the Cancer sign. Dominic has American citizenship because he was raised there, and his eyes and hair are brown and black, respectively. A straight male is known to be the actor’s offspring, and

Dominic’s Relationship Status 

Dominic has a private existence. Hence the majority of his knowledge is theoretical and obscured by mystery. As of 2022, there are rumors that the actor’s child is unmarried. He could, however, be married or have a girlfriend.

Dominic’s professional career

Steven and Kelly Seagal, two well-known American actors, are the parents of Dominic Seagal. Dominic participated in several plays and productions during high school, thanks to their enthusiasm and influence. He appeared in several of his drama club’s productions. However, the scenario altered once he finished school and distanced himself from the performing industry. We are not aware of his professional career endeavors as of 2023.

Dominic’s net worth

Being the son of the well-known celebrity couple Steven and Kelly LeBrock propelled Dominic into the spotlight. Despite this, his income’s origin has yet to be made public. As a result, we conclude that Dominic Seagal’s net worth is unknown.

Dominic was also born with money in the bank, as evidenced by the celebrity couple’s notoriety and wealth. Steven, Dominic’s father, is an American martial artist, actor, producer, singer, and playwright who has amassed a substantial fortune of $16 million throughout his career. In addition, Kelly LeBrock, an American actress, is projected to have a net worth of $2 million by 2022.

Social media

Dominic Seagal’s fascinating existence has yet to fully come into focus because he is not active on social media sites. He is said to be active on Twitter as of 2022. His account, though, is set to private. Seagal likes living his life free of social awkwardness and turmoil.


  • Dominic Seagal is the son of the American celebrity couple Steven Seagal and Kelly LeBrock.
  • He was born in California, USA, in 1990, making him 31 years as of 2022.
  • He is an American who resides under the zodiac Cancer.
  • Seagal has an estimated net worth of $16 million.
  • Dom has a super personal life and has never spoken in the press or on social media.
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