May 24, 2024

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Reed is The youngest of the Jobs family’s three children and the only son of late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and his wife, Laurene Powell. Nearly all by himself, his father had a huge influence on the whole technological industry. On the other hand, Steve saw that his relationship with his family, especially his children, was deteriorating. In addition to Reed, Steve is the father of three more girls, Lisa Brennan, Erin Siena, and Eve. According to sources, Reed’s demeanor as a youngster was said to be similar to his intelligent father.

However, we shall discover all there is to know about Reed Jobs today. Jobs, Reed, or Reed The son of Laurene Powell and Steve Jobs, Paul Jobs is an angel investor. We shall discuss his early years, siblings, current location, and whether or not he is dating anybody in this post.

Reed Paul Jobs Profile Summary:

Birth Name

 Reed Paul Jobs
Gender Male
Siblings Three (two biological sisters, Erin and Eve; one half-sister Lisa 


 31 Years

Place of birth

California, USA


Parents Name


Steve Jobs, Lauren Powell Jobs
Famous For Son of Steve Jobs
Profession: Medical Researcher, Celebrity Kid
College Cuba Gooding Sr. and Shirley Gooding
Net worth: N/A

Reed Paul Jobs Early Life/Childhood

Reed Paul Jobs was born on September 22, 1991, and is currently 29 years old. He is from California and a Virgo by birth. His mother, Laurene Powell, and father, Steven Paul Jobs, make up his family. Erin and Eve, his two biological sisters, were born in August 1995 and 1998, respectively. On his father’s side, he also has a half-sister named Lisa Brennan-Jobs. His father, Steve Jobs, spent a semester at Reed College, which is how Reed received his name. He received his schooling at Stanford University. There, Reed researched cancer. He started this adventure when his father passed away from this fatal illness. He also graduated from Stanford University with a medical degree.

Reed Paul Jobs: Height, Weight, and Body Dimensions

Regarding Reed’s physical characteristics, such as his height, weight, chest, waist, hip measurements, clothing and shoe sizes, biceps, etc., there is no information accessible. He also has hair the same color as mine and the same brown eyes.

Reed Paul Jobs: Profession & Career

Reed As the lone child of American business mogul Steve Jobs, Paul Jobs is most known for this. Despite the lack of information on his professional life, he is known to be a physician. Speaking of his father’s line of work, Steve Jobs is also a media mogul, an investor, and an industrial designer.

Additionally, his late father was a co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Apple Inc. The well-known person served as The Walt Disney Company’s board of directors member, chairman of Pixar, and majority shareholder. The company’s founder, chairman, and CEO was also his father.

His mother is also a rich heiress from the United States. The entrepreneur, CEO, and creator of the Emerson Collective is Laurene Powell Jobs. A policy advocacy group called Emerson Collective promotes social justice, environmental protection, and educational reform. This company makes investments and takes part in charity endeavors.

Additionally, his mother contributes significantly to Democratic Party politicians like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. His mother, Laurene, is also the president and co-founder of College Track. It aids underprivileged high school students in their college preparation. Laurene Powell Jobs also runs the Laurene Powell Jobs Trust.

Steve Jobs also contributed to the growth of the visual effects sector. He achieved this in 1986 by contributing money to George Lucas’ computer graphics department at Lucasfilm. The brand-new firm was Pixar. Toy Story, the first 3D computer-animated feature picture, was released by Pixar in 1995. Later on, Pixar developed into a significant animation firm. Over 20 films have been created since then.

Within a few months following Apple’s 1997 acquisition of NeXT, Steve Jobs was appointed CEO. His father also played a crucial role in saving Apple. Apple was in danger of going bankrupt when Steve Jobs came back. Unfortunately 2003, his father was diagnosed with a pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor. On October 5, 2011, Steve Jobs died of a tumor-related respiratory arrest at 56.

Reed Paul Jobs: Girlfriend, Marriage & Relationship

Regarding Reed Paul Jobs’s sexual connections or extramarital encounters, nothing is known. The millionaire son could opt to keep his personal connections and life hidden from the public view or be more focused on his job.

Reed Paul Jobs’s Networth

His mother, Laurene Powell Jobs, is thought to be worth roughly $19 billion as of September 2020 in terms of net worth and profits for his parents. Similarly, his father had a net worth of almost $7 billion when he passed away in September 2011.


  • Reed Paul Jobs (born September 22, 1991) is the son of Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, and Laurene Powell Jobs, who founded the company in 1976. He was born into one of the wealthiest families in the United States.
  • Reed, on the other hand, needs a Wikipedia page.
  • When it comes to wealth, his family’s net worth exceeds 30 billion dollars, according to Forbes magazine. They are placed 40th on Forbes’ list of the world’s wealthy families, which includes the families of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.
  • Reed Paul Jobs is 28 years old at the time of this writing. He is currently enrolled as a student at Stanford University.
  • In addition, he is the only son in the family, which is unusual. He has three sisters, all of whom are named Eve (Eve, Lisa Brennan, and Erin Siena Jobs).
  • While this happens, Jobs has not been spotted with anyone who could be considered his girlfriend or partner. He hasn’t said anything about his sexual orientation, either.
  • Even though he comes from a wealthy family, Reed strives for something other than an immediate celebrity. He puts in the effort and is determined to establish his reputation.
  • As a result, he appears to be very passive on social media platforms. His presence on social networking sites has yet to be confirmed as of this writing. He appears to be completely absorbed in his studies and his goals.
  • Furthermore, Reed has been evasive regarding his height, weight, and physical characteristics. In the same way, he seldom ever takes photographs or appears in the media. As a result, predicting his physical morphology takes a lot of work.
  • Reed’s father died of pancreatic cancer, and since then, he has dedicated his life to the discipline of Oncology, which deals with treating malignancies. Reed has achieved success in this profession through his dedication and hard work.

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