July 16, 2024

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The biological mother of former American football offensive lineman Michael Oher, who played in the NFL for eight seasons, Denise Oher, is well-known. He mostly played for the Baltimore Ravens in the NFL, although he also had appearances for the Tennessee Titans and Carolina Panthers. She also appears in Michael Oher’s biographical film The Blind Side as a mother who is an alcoholic and drug user, reflecting her own life. She has been abusing drugs and alcohol her entire life, so her family life is dysfunctional. Considering that, does she still use drugs? How does she get along with Michael, her son?

Today, this article will explore every unknown fact about Michael Oher’s Mom, Denise. We will discuss her age, husband, children, and many others. Read the article till the end.

Denise Oher Profile Summary:

Birth Name

Denise Oher
Gender Female
Spouse Michael Jerome Williams


65 Years

Place of birth

United States of America


Parents Name


Famous For Mother of Michael Oher
Profession: Celebrity Parent
Height N/A
Net worth: N/A

Denise Oher Early Life

Denise Oher will be 65 years old in 2023. She was born in 1958, yet the precise year of her birth is still uncertain. According to reports, Denise was raised in Melbourne, Tennessee, although she spent her whole childhood in South Memphis, Tennessee. Furthermore, little is known about her early years, but she lived a challenging childhood in poverty. Oher also has African American ancestry and is a citizen of the United States.

Denise’s Oher Body Measurements

Black eyes, and black hair distinguish Denise. Besides, nothing is known about her height, weight, or other physical characteristics.

Denise Oher Husband 

She battled alcoholism and cocaine addiction for most of her life, as was mentioned above. Her spouse Michael Jerome Williams was a regular prisoner on the opposing side. Her family life was always chaos as a result of this. Her children never received the right love and care from their parents due to her addiction, and neither did they provide their children with the love and support they needed. Her husband, Michael Jerome, was shot dead in jail throughout these familial gaps, but his killer was never found.

Denise Oher Children

Her marriage resulted in the birth of 12 children. The other 9 are Carlos Oher, Andre, John, Marcus, Tara, Denise, Rico, Deljuan, and Michael Oher; the names of her three other children are unknown. Of all her daughters and boys, Denise’s son Michael, an NFL star, became a household name and helped her rise to popularity. Let’s look at her famous child’s brief bio.

Is Denise Still Into Drug Addiction?

She stated that she is no longer interested in addiction during her interview with Local 24’s Jeni DiPrizio. She stated, “I haven’t used any drugs in six years,” in an interview from 2017. I haven’t drunk any alcohol in three years. I am thus heading in the correct direction. There is no going back this time. All I have to say about it is that. There is no going back this time. We may infer from this remark that she has abstained from alcohol and drugs since 2011.

Denise Oher’s Career 

Denise, who is 64 years old, is not an actor. As we said, she attracted media attention as Michael’s mother, an NFL athlete. Besides this, Denise has yet to disclose her occupation in terms of the specifics of her line of work. Her battle with drug addiction completely consumed her at a time when she might have pursued her profession, leaving her and her family in terrible poverty. But in 2013, she said she was looking for work in an interview with Kait8 ABC. We anticipate that she is likely employed someplace as of 2022.

Short Bio On Denise’s Son, Michael Oher

Michel was born on May 28, 1986, in Memphis, Tennessee. His life was extremely challenging since he was born to an alcoholic mother and a father who frequently served in prison. Denise’s kid had a difficult upbringing, traveling from foster home to foster home before being adopted by Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy. Michael Oher, the son of Denise Oher and a former NFL player, was already a part of the football team when he was adopted. He was selected for the Division II (2A) Lineman and First Team Tennessee All-State teams in 2003. With his adoption, he gained a path back to hone his gaming abilities.

Michael eventually went undrafted in the first round of the 2009 NFL Draft but later signed a $13.8 million five-year deal with the Ravens. He later played for the Carolina Panthers for two years and the Tennessee Titans for four.

Michael has received several honors for his abilities and contributions as a footballer. He earned the First Team Freshman All-American distinction for the first time in 2005. After that, he continued to win yearly awards, including the Outland Trophy, Colonel Earl “Red” Blaik Leadership-Scholarship Award, First Team and Second Team All-SEC, and many others.

Denise Oher’s Net Worth

In terms of her net worth, she has not revealed her income, salary, or net worth. On the other hand, her son Michael is estimated to be worth $20 million.

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