July 15, 2024

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American producer April Kimble is well-known for her work on both movies and music. She rose to fame after marrying Lyle Lovett, a famous American actor, singer-songwriter, and country music performer. Lovett has won many Grammy Awards, including Best Male Country Vocal Performance and Best Country Album.

Kilimanjaro, The Dry Land, and Jess + Moss are just a few of the television movies and music videos that April Kimble has created over her amazing career in the entertainment business. She is revered for her extraordinary talent and has greatly impacted the accomplishment of numerous illustrious performances.

In addition to having a successful job, Kimble is a loving wife and mother. She is married to Lyle Lovett, and they have a son and a daughter together. Together, the couple has created a happy and loving family, with Kimble playing a crucial part in advancing Lovett’s profession and parenting their kids.

Denise Oher Profile Summary:

Birth Name

April Kimble
Gender Female
College Texas A&M University



Place of birth

United States


Parents Name


Famous For Wife of Lyle Lovett
Profession: Music & Film Producer
Height N/A
Net worth: N/A

April Kimble’s Early Life/Education

American film producer April Kimble is well-known for her noteworthy efforts in the entertainment sector. She was born on January 7 in the US, yet her actual age is still unclear. April spent her formative years in the vibrant Texas metropolis of San Antonio. After completing her elementary education, April enrolled in Texas A&M University, a major university known for its academic brilliance. April developed her abilities and learned the information she needed to seek a career in the film business at the university.

After graduating, April started her professional career as an intern for a well-known motion picture production firm. Her diligence, passion, and hard work eventually paid off, and she was allowed to work as a production assistant full-time. As she advanced through the ranks, April gained crucial expertise and information to help her in her future pursuits.

April decided to create her film production firm as her name and skills grew. Her love for the craft of filmmaking, her attention to detail, her ability to relate to others, and her ability to build successful businesses have allowed her to make several award-winning movies.


American film and music producer April Kimble is well-known for her services to the entertainment sector. She rose to fame due to her marriage to well-known musician Lyle Lovett.

Aside from her personal life, April is known for her professional accomplishments because she has a broad range of experience in the entertainment sector. According to her IMDb website, she has served as a producer, consultant, and music supervisor on various television shows, videos, and other media projects. April Kimble has had a key role in producing various artistic endeavors. She has chosen and included music in several media works, and her proficiency in music supervision has also received widespread recognition.

April Kimble’s Relationship Life

April Kimble and Lyle Lovett started dating in 1997, shortly after they first met. As their love for one another deepened, Lovett proposed to Kimble in 2003. The pair then got engaged after she said yes. Lovett and Kimble exchanged vows on February 4, 2017, in Harris County, Texas, the United States. The couple’s wedding was a happy event that brought friends and family together to celebrate their love and dedication to one another.

In one of his interviews, Lovett praised his wife’s cooking abilities, calling her a fantastic cook. This adoration showed how deeply they were connected because they both had a passion for cuisine and being in love.

Kimble had been seeing Billy Gammon before she met Lovett. Before ultimately parting up, the two had a two-year relationship. In contrast, Lovett had a prior union with Julia Roberts. Unfortunately, the couple filed for divorce two years after getting married. Despite having been in prior relationships, Lovett and Kimble were content together. Their union has served as a monument to their love and dedication to one another.

April Kimble’s twins

Married April Kimble is the proud mother of boy and girl twins. On June 12, 2017, the twins were born, which also happened to be the same year that April Kimble and her husband were wed. April and her hubby have been leading a quiet life away from the spotlight for the past ten years. They would rather not subject themselves to public scrutiny or the prying eyes of the media and keep their private affairs secret. The couple has been concentrating on giving their kids a peaceful upbringing in East Texas.

They reside on a farm that has been in April’s husband’s family for generations. The pair takes pleasure in upholding the traditions and legacy passed down through the generations because the farm has a long history. With lots of open space and clean air, raising kids’s a lovely area.

Social media

Even though she is a celebrity’s wife, April does not enjoy the spotlight. She isn’t very active on many social media sites because of this. However, we discovered that April has a Twitter account named April Kimble. She hasn’t tweeted anything, though, since September 4, 2016. Perhaps the producer wants to devote her entire attention to her spouse, children, and family.

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