July 16, 2024

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Joel Ofori Bonsu, known as Olivetheboy in the music realm, is a luminary Afrobeats singer and accomplished songwriter originating from the vibrant town of Konongo in the Ashanti region of Ghana. He recently joined the entertainment industry and became a big name very quickly. With a fusion of captivating melodies and evocative lyrics, Olivetheboy burst onto the scene in May 2023 when his single “Goodsin” from the album “Avana” ignited TikTok trends. Under the banner of Loopy Music, his meteoric rise to fame has been a sonic journey celebrated by fans across the globe.

Profile Summary

Profile Details
Origin Konongo, Ashanti region, Ghana
Debut May 2023 (Single “Goodsin”)
Genre Afrobeats
Label Loopy Music
Achievements “Goodsin” most Shazamed in Ghana & Nigeria (June 5, 2023)
Social Media @OlivetheboyMusic (Instagram, Twitter, TikTok)
Full Name Joel Ofori Bonsu (Olivetheboy)
Born October 19, 2002 (age 21)
Nationality Ghanaian
Occupation Musician
Relationship Status Single
Education University of Ghana
Awards Not Available
Booking Contact Loopyentgroup@gmail.com
Organization Loopy Music


Olivetheboy embarked on his musical journey in 2020, stepping into the spotlight after completing his secondary education at Opoku Ware Senior High School. His music carries the rhythms of Afrobeats, painting vivid narratives that reflect his Ghanaian heritage. The turning point arrived in 2023, when his EP “Avana” took TikTok by storm. A TikTok challenge by Ghanaian dancer Endurance Grand turned the single “Goodsin” into a viral sensation, rocketing Olivetheboy to unprecedented heights.

Olivetheboy biography


The enchanting beats of “Goodsin” resonated with audiences far and wide, propelling the track to the apex of success. On June 5, 2023, the song achieved a historic milestone by claiming the title of the most Shazamed song in both Ghana and Nigeria. Olivetheboy’s artistic prowess and Loop Music’s backing coalesced to create an unassailable success story, transcending geographical boundaries.

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Net Worth:

As of now, Olivetheboy’s networth is $50,000 – $100,000.

Social Media Handles:

Olivetheboy extends his musical aura through various social media platforms, engaging fans in a digital symphony of connection. Follow his captivating journey on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok under his handle @OlivetheboyMusic, where he shares insights, updates, and glimpses of his artistic world.

Girlfriend and Children

Olivetheboy’s personal life remains a private sanctuary, shielded from the spotlight that his music commands. Details about his romantic relationships and potential family expansion are yet to be disclosed, as he maintains a focused equilibrium between his personal and professional spheres.

Songs & Albums

Avana (2023) Album:

  • GoodSin
  • Je
  • Stay
  • 360
  • Confession
  • Nba

Additionally, here are some other songs by Olivethboy:

Tanga-reen (2021):

  • Only You
  • Boys Boys
  • All on you
  • Hey Shody
  • Sartuday

JIGGY BODY (2021):


Blackstars Anthem (2022):

  • Blackstars Anthem

Jeleje (2021):

  • Jeleje

Olivetheboy: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Who is Olive the Boy?

Olivetheboy, whose birth name is Joel Ofori Bonsu, is a talented Ghanaian Afrobeats singer and songwriter. He hails from Konongo in the Ashanti region of Ghana and has captured the hearts of music enthusiasts with his captivating melodies and rhythmic compositions.

2. When did Olive the Boy rise to fame?

Olivetheboy rose to fame in May 2023 when his single “Goodsin,” featured on his album Avana, became a viral sensation on TikTok. The song’s popularity was further amplified by a dance challenge created by Ghanaian Dancer Endurance Grand.

3. What educational background does Olive the Boy have?

Olivetheboy completed his senior high school education at Opoku Ware Senior High School in the Ashanti region of Ghana. He is currently pursuing his tertiary education at the esteemed University of Ghana, balancing his academic pursuits with his musical career.

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4. How did Olivetheboy’s music career begin?

Olivetheboy officially embarked on his music journey in 2020, following his graduation from high school. His passion for music led him to explore his creative talents, eventually culminating in the release of his captivating melodies that have garnered widespread acclaim.

5. What contributed to Olivetheboy’s viral success?

The viral success of Olivetheboy’s single “Goodsin” can be attributed to a TikTok phenomenon. A dance challenge crafted by Ghanaian Dancer Endurance Grand captured the imagination of TikTok users, propelling the song to unprecedented levels of popularity.

6. What is the significance of “Goodsin” on Shazam?

On June 5, 2023, Olivetheboy’s “Goodsin” achieved a remarkable milestone by becoming the most Shazamed song in both Nigeria and Ghana. This achievement underscores the widespread appeal and recognition of Olive the Boy’s musical talent.

7. Which record label is Olivetheboy signed to?

Olivetheboy is currently signed to Loop Music, a notable record label that recognizes and nurtures his artistic potential, further establishing his position as a rising star in the Afrobeats music scene.

8. How would you describe Olivetheboy’s musical style?

Olivetheboy’s musical style is rooted in Afrobeats, a genre characterized by its fusion of African rhythms, melodies, and contemporary elements. His compositions reflect a harmonious blend of cultural influences and modern musical sensibilities.

9. What sets Olivetheboy apart in the music industry?

Olivetheboy stands out in the music industry due to his unique ability to infuse his music with an irresistible blend of authenticity, innovation, and cultural resonance. His rise to fame through platforms like TikTok showcases his aptitude for connecting with a global audience.

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10. What lies ahead for Olive the Boy’s career?

Olivetheboy’s career is poised for continued growth and success. With his innate talent, dedication to his craft, and supportive partnership with Loop Music, he is well-equipped to leave an indelible mark on the world of Afrobeats music and beyond.


Joel Ofori Bonsu, known to the world as Olivetheboy, encapsulates the spirit of Ghanaian Afrobeats in a symphony of rhythm and emotion. From humble origins in Konongo to the international TikTok stage, his sonic journey inspires, resonates, and propels the realm of music into new dimensions. As the melody of Olivetheboy’s career continues to flourish, it paints a resplendent portrait of artistic brilliance and limitless potential.

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