July 16, 2024

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Imagine a musical journey that starts with freestyle rap on the rugged streets of Port Harcourt and evolves into chart-topping hits. Meet Daniel Darius, known as Dandizzy, a talented Nigerian singer, rapper, and songwriter. Born on October 6th in the early 90s in Opobo, Rivers State, he emerged from the Southern part of Nigeria with a passion for music that ignited at a young age. As we explore his biography, achievements, and more, let’s uncover the story of an artist who’s molding soundscapes and leaving his mark.

Profile Summary

Profile Details
Full Name Daniel Darius
Stage Name Dandizzy
Profession Nigerian Singer, Rapper, Songwriter
Birth Date October 6th, early 90s
Birthplace Opobo, Rivers State, Nigeria
Upbringing Raised in Port Harcourt, developed passion for music from young age
Secondary Sure Way High School
Tertiary Studied Computer Engineering and ICT at University of Port Harcourt
Later dropped out to focus on music
Start Began in 2009, known as “Wave Daddy” for freestyling skills
Collaborations Ajebo Hustlers, DJ Joenel, Dr Barz, Blaqbonez
Breakthrough Hit singles “Egweji,” “Garni,” “Woskey,” “Who Goes Der”
Rap Battles Victorious in battles against MI Abaga, Vector, Olu Maintain
Won Sprite Triple Slam, Rhythm Rap Competition
Awards Multiple Galaxy Music Awards: Artist of the Year, Song of the Year
Net Worth Estimated $100,000 – $150,000
Relationship Currently single, focused on career
Controversy Career marked by dedication, no major controversies
House and Cars Owns apartment and cars in Lagos City
Social Media
Instagram @idandizzy (850k+ followers)
Twitter @dandizzy
Facebook Dandizzy Tuotamuno Darius
Contact Connect through social media profiles provided above
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Daniel Darius, known by his stage name Dandizzy, is a talented Nigerian singer, rapper, and songwriter. Born on October 6th in the early 90s, he hails from Opobo, Rivers State, in the Southern part of Nigeria. Raised in the rugged neighborhoods of Port Harcourt, he developed a passion for music at a young age, captivating his friends with freestyle rap and composing his own songs.


Dandizzy attended Sure Way High School for his secondary education. After completing his studies there, he pursued a degree in Computer Engineering and ICT at the University of Port Harcourt. However, he later chose to fully commit to his musical career and dropped out of the university.


Dandizzy’s professional journey in the music industry began in 2009. He quickly gained recognition for his exceptional freestyling skills, earning him the moniker “Wave Daddy.” Throughout his career, he collaborated with esteemed artists such as Ajebo Hustlers, DJ Joenel, Dr. Barz, and Blaqbonez.

His breakthrough came with hit singles like “Egweji,” “Garni,” “Woskey,” and “Who Goes Der.” His unique style resonated with audiences, and his single “Who Goes Der” dominated Nigerian music charts in 2018.

Dandizzy’s talent extended beyond recording studios, as he proved his mettle in rap battles against top artists like MI Abaga, Vector, and Olu Maintain. Notably, he emerged as the victor in rap competitions such as the Sprite Triple Slam and the Rhythm Rap Competition.

Rise to Fame:

Dandizzy’s rise to fame can be traced back to his captivating freestyle performances and his ability to craft chart-topping singles. His distinct sound, combined with his energetic stage presence, garnered him a dedicated fanbase, especially in the south-south region of Nigeria.

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Dandizzy’s achievements are a testament to his musical prowess. He won multiple awards, including the prestigious Galaxy Music Awards. In 2018, he secured the titles of “Best Rap Single” and “Artist of the Year” at the Galaxy Music Awards. He continued to shine in subsequent years, securing the “Artist of the Year” and “Song of the Year” awards in 2019.

Awards and Nominations:

  • 2018 Galaxy Music Awards: Best Rap Single (Winner)
  • 2018 Galaxy Music Awards: Artist of the Year (Winner)
  • 2019 Galaxy Music Awards: Artist of the Year (Winner)
  • 2019 Galaxy Music Awards: Song of the Year (Winner)

Artist Discography

Song Title Album Year
Your Papa (Freestyle) Your Papa (Freestyle) 2023
Who Goes Der! Who Goes Der! 2019
Woskey Woskey 2020
MDRA (Men Dey Run Am) MDRA 2020
Denge Pose (feat. Bad Boy Timz) Denge Pose 2020
Bad Boy Szn Bad Boy Szn 2022
Shalaye Shalaye 2021
Ikebe Ikebe 2022
Mbong Mbong 2021
Able God Rap Cover Rapfrobeat Covers (ZoneOut Afrobeat Covers Vol. 1) 2020
Egweji Egweji 2017
Garni Garni 2019
Nyor Nyor Nyor Nyor Nyor Nyor 2019
Soft Play InterSpace 018: DJ Blizz (DJ Mix) 2023
Number One Number One 2019
Morale Morale 2023
5 & 6 Worthy 2023
Money Akanchawa
Sure Banker Worthy 2023
Uncle Shuga Daddy
Wetin No Good
Wetin No Good (Remix) Wetin No Good (Remix) 2023

Net Worth:

Dandizzy’s hard work and success have contributed to an estimated net worth ranging between $100,000 and $150,000. His commitment to his craft and steady rise in the music industry have undoubtedly played a role in his financial achievements.

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Dandizzy is currently single. Raised in a Christian household, his focus on his musical career and accomplishments has been evident in his personal life.


Dandizzy’s career has been characterized by his dedication to his craft and positive contributions to the Nigerian music scene. As of now, there are no significant controversies or scandals associated with him.

House and Cars:

Based in Lagos City, Dandizzy owns an apartment and several cars. His success in the music industry has allowed him to invest in his personal comfort and lifestyle.

Social Media:

Dandizzy maintains an active presence on social media platforms, particularly Instagram. With over 850k followers, his verified Instagram handle is @idandizzy.


You can connect with Dandizzy through his social media profiles:

  • Instagram: @idandizzy
  • Twitter: @dandizzy
  • Facebook: Dandizzy Tuotamuno Darius


Dandizzy’s journey from his freestyling roots to becoming a respected artist in the Nigerian music scene showcases his determination, creativity, and unique style. His ability to turn everyday experiences into hit songs has solidified his position as a rising star with global potential.

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