June 23, 2024

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Imagine a journey that starts on a talent show and turns into a shining presence in the music world. That’s Victoria Nadine, born Victoria Karlskås Andersen in 1999. She’s a rising artist from Norway who’s capturing hearts with her music. Let’s dive into her story and what she’s achieved.

Profile Summary

Profile Details
Full Name Victoria Karlsks Andersen (Known as Victoria Nadine)
Birth Year 1999
Profession Norwegian Artist
Career Start “Idol” Season 9 (2016), Music Releases from 2019
Rise to Fame North Vision Song Contest 37, Social Media Presence
Achievements Participation in NVSC 37, Over 400,000 Monthly Listeners on Spotify
Awards P3 Gold 2021 Nominee (Newcomer of the Year, Song of the Year),
Spellemannprisen 2021 Nominee (Breakthrough of the Year), Gramostipend
Net Worth Estimated $300,000 – $500,000
Relationship In a relationship with Kygo (Sir Kyrre Grvell-Dahll), Norwegian DJ and Producer
Controversy Maintains a clean and respectful image in the industry
House and Cars Resides in a prestigious house, owns several exotic cars
Social Media
Instagram 101K+ followers
TikTok Almost 400K followers
Spotify Substantial number of listeners
Contact Connect through her official social media handles and platforms


Victoria Nadine, born Victoria Karlsks Andersen in 1999, is a promising Norwegian artist who gained prominence in the music industry. She participated in the ninth season of the Norwegian TV2 talent show “Idol” in 2016, securing a notable fourth place. Under the artist name Victoria Nadine, she started releasing music in 2019, and her debut single was launched in January of that year. Victoria’s rise to fame has been marked by her captivating musical talent and engaging presence on various social media platforms.

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Victoria Nadine pursued her education in her home country, Norway. Although specific details about her educational background are not provided, her focus and dedication to her music career have been evident since her participation in the “Idol” show.


Victoria Nadine’s musical journey began with her participation in the “Idol” talent show, which introduced her to a wider audience. She launched her career as a singer and songwriter under the name Victoria Nadine in 2019, steadily releasing a series of singles that resonated with listeners. Her debut single, released in January 2019, marked the start of her journey towards musical success.

Rise to Fame:

Victoria Nadine’s rise to fame accelerated with her participation in the North Vision Song Contest 37, where she represented Norway with the song “Strangers Again.” Her captivating performance showcased her musical prowess on an international stage. Additionally, her active presence on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube helped her gather a substantial fanbase and following.


Victoria Nadine’s achievements include her notable participation in the North Vision Song Contest 37, representing Norway with the song “Strangers Again.” She gained recognition for her musical talents through various singles, garnering over 400,000 monthly listeners on platforms like Spotify. She was also nominated for awards like P3 Gold 2021 in the categories of newcomer of the year and song of the year for “Be Okay,” along with a nomination for the Spellemannprisen 2021 in the breakthrough of the year category.

Awards and Nominations:

Victoria Nadine received recognition for her contributions to the music industry. She was nominated for P3 Gold 2021 in categories like newcomer of the year and song of the year for her track “Be Okay.” Additionally, she received a nomination for the Spellemannprisen 2021 in the breakthrough of the year category, along with a Gramostipend of NOK 250,000.

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Net Worth:

Victoria Nadine’s net worth is estimated to be between $300,000 and $500,000. Her successful music career, online presence, and recognition in the industry contribute to her financial achievements.


Victoria Nadine is in a relationship with Kygo, a well-known Norwegian DJ and producer. Their public relationship has captured the attention of fans and admirers. Kygo, whose real name is Sir Kyrre Grvell-Dahll, has openly expressed his affection for Victoria, and the couple’s journey together has been closely followed by fans.

Artist Discography

Song Title Album Year
Summer Rain Summer Rain 2023
Nerve Frühaufsteher 2023 by Digster Pop 2023
Happy Tears Happy Tears 2023
Saw It Coming Saw It Coming 2023
Nakna Nakna 2022
Be Okay Be Okay 2020
Happy I’m Sad Happy I’m Sad 2021
Du er ikke alene Du er ikke alene 2021
History History 2021
Strangers Again Herbst Chillout 2022 2022
If I Were You Female Voices 2023 by The Circle Sessions 2023
Want It Back Want It Back 2019
Den fineste Chevy’n Den fineste Chevy’n (Live på NRK P3) 2021
Lie About Me Lie About Me 2019
Fixated Fixated 2019
Better Off Alone Better Off Alone 2023
Let Me Down Let Me Down 2020


Throughout her career, Victoria Nadine has maintained a reputation for steering clear of controversy. Her focus on music and positive interactions with fans have contributed to a clean and respectful image in the industry.

House and Cars:

Victoria Nadine resides in a prestigious house, reflecting her success in the music industry. Additionally, she owns several exotic cars, further showcasing her achievements and lifestyle.

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Social Media Handles:

Victoria Nadine boasts a significant presence on various social media platforms. She has over 101K followers on Instagram, almost 400K on TikTok, and a substantial number of listeners on Spotify. Her engaging content and interactions with fans have helped her build a strong online community.


For inquiries, collaborations, and updates related to Victoria Nadine, you can connect with her on her official social media handles and platforms.

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