July 15, 2024

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Let’s delve into the inspiring story of Mohammed Ismail Sherif Kwaku Frimpong, popularly known as Black Sherif, a talented Ghanaian singer, rapper, and songwriter.

Profile Summary

Profile Information
Stage Name Black Sherif
Real Name Mohammed Ismail Sherif
Birth Year 1999
Birth Place Konongo, Ashanti Region, Ghana
Education Pursuing a degree in Agricultural Engineering at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST)
Career Musician, Songwriter
Genre Contemporary Ghanaian Music, Trap
Net Worth Not publicly disclosed
Rise to Fame Gained prominence with his breakout hit “Money” and its subsequent remix
Popular Songs “Money,” “Second Sermon,” “Destiny,” “Ankonam,” and more
Awards and Nominations – Nominated for VGMA 2023 Unsung Category
– Winner of Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) 2022 Unsung Category
– “Second Sermon” won the Most Streamed Song of the Year at the 2023 Ghana Music Awards USA
Social Media Handles Instagram: @blacksherif_
Twitter: @blacksherif_


Mohammed Ismail Sherif Kwaku Frimpong, better known by his stage name Black Sherif, is a prominent Ghanaian singer, rapper, and songwriter. Born on January 9, 2002, in Konongo-Zongo, Ashanti Region, Ghana, he rose to fame with his unique blend of highlife, reggae, hip-hop, and UK drill influences. Black Sherif’s childhood was shaped by a nomadic lifestyle due to his parents’ overseas work, which exposed him to diverse cultural influences from an early age.


Black Sherif attended Konongo Zongo Islamic Basic School for his primary education and later moved on to Pinamang Educational Complex for junior high school. He continued his secondary education at Kumasi Academy, where he discovered his passion for music and dancing. After completing his secondary education, he pursued higher education at the University of Professional Studies (UPSA) and later at the University of Ghana.


Black Sherif’s musical journey commenced in 2019 when he released his debut track “Cry for Me” on YouTube. The following year, he gained recognition with his introductory single “Money,” accompanied by a captivating music video. However, it was in 2021 that he truly burst into the limelight, captivating audiences with the viral sensation “First Sermon,” soon followed by the equally captivating “Second Sermon,” which featured a collaboration with African artist Burna Boy. Yet, it was the breakthrough hit “Kwaku the Traveller,” released in March 2022, that catapulted him to the pinnacle of his career, securing the Number 1 spot on charts in both Ghana and Nigeria.

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Throughout his career, Black Sherif’s unique style and exceptional lyrical prowess have earned him not only an ardent fan base but also a string of notable achievements. His online presence is formidable, boasting an astounding 2.52 million Audiomack followers. This digital prominence seamlessly translates into astonishing streaming figures for his music. Evidently, his latest album, “take care of yourself blacko,” released in 2023, swiftly garnered remarkable traction, amassing an impressive 3,129,521 streams within a mere 8 days of its debut. This swift success underscores the palpable anticipation and enthusiasm surrounding his new musical offerings.

The depth of Black Sherif’s impact on Audiomack is undeniable, reflected in an astonishing 448 million plays accrued across his account. This remarkable level of engagement stands as a testament to his remarkable ability to forge connections with his audience and craft music that resonates deeply.

A pinnacle of his accomplishments is the exceptional performance of his album “The Villain I Never Was” on Audiomack. Despite featuring no collaborations with other artists except for a remix of his second sermon with Burna Boy, the album garnered an astounding 372,232,359 streams on the platform. This achievement underscores his innate capacity to captivate listeners and cultivate a steadfast following, firmly anchored in his distinct artistic identity.

Continuing his tradition of innovation and ingenuity, Black Sherif unveiled his 2023 album, “take care of yourself blacko,” encompassing two tracks. This strategic move impeccably showcases his ability to curate resonant content that lingers with his audience, leaving an indelible impression.

In tracing his career trajectory, it’s evident that Black Sherif’s evolution has been characterized by unwavering progression and a steadfast dedication to producing music that resonates profoundly with his audience. His remarkable knack for generating monumental streaming figures and capturing the hearts of fans across local and international landscapes cements his position as an exceptional luminary within the music industry.

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Rise to Fame: Black Sherif’s rise to fame was propelled by his unique musical style and viral freestyles. His songs, especially “First Sermon” and “Second Sermon,” gained widespread attention and solidified his place in the music scene. He showcased his versatility and lyrical prowess, which resonated with a broad audience.


Black Sherif’s achievements have been notable and varied. His single “Kwaku the Traveller” reached Number 1 on both Ghanaian and Nigerian Apple Music charts. He hosted the “Mozama Disco Concert” in Accra in 2022 and performed at the 25th anniversary of the Music of Black Origin (MOBO) Awards in London. He also won several awards, including the Best Hip Hop award at the Soundcity MVP Awards and the Artist of The Year award at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

Artist Discography

Song Title Album Year
The Villain I Never Was The Villain I Never Was 2022
Soja The Villain I Never Was 2022
Konongo Zongo The Villain I Never Was 2022
YAYA Take Care of Yourself Blacko 2023
Oh Paradise The Villain I Never Was 2022
Oil in My Head The Villain I Never Was 2022
Come & Go Pier Pressure 2022
Second Sermon The Villain I Never Was 2022
SIMMER DOWN Take Care of Yourself Blacko 2023
Wasteman The Villain I Never Was 2022
45 The Villain I Never Was 2022
Sad Boys Don’t Fold The Villain I Never Was 2022
Toxic Love City The Villain I Never Was 2022
The Homeless Song The Villain I Never Was 2022
Letter From Overseas Letter From Overseas 2022
First Sermon First Sermon 2021
Don’t Forget Me The Villain I Never Was 2022
Prey da Youngsta The Villain I Never Was 2022
Blood, Sweat & Tears Creed III 2023
Run Where We Come From, Vol. 01 2022
Goldigga Goldigga 2021
We Up The Villain I Never Was 2022
Ankonam Ankonam 2021
Money Remix Money Remix 2020
Money Money 2020
Ade Akye Ade Akye 2021
Destiny Destiny 2020
Cry For Me Cry For Me 2020
Assignment Assignment 2021
Talk Talk Talk Talk 2022
Mariana Mariana 2019
Holy F4k Connecting the Dots 2022
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Awards and Nominations:

Black Sherif’s talent has garnered recognition through various awards and nominations. He won multiple categories at the 3Music Awards, including Hip Hop Song of the Year and Breakthrough Act of the Year. He was also named Artist of the Year at the Entertainment Achievement Awards and the Ghana Music Awards UK. His impact was further recognized when he became the first Ghanaian artist to perform at the Wireless Festival in the UK.

Net Worth:

Black Sherif’s net worth is estimated to be between $200,000 and $250,000, a result of his successful music career, endorsement deals, and business ventures.


Black Sherif has focused primarily on his music career and has stated that he is not currently in a relationship.


In April 2022, Black Sherif faced a legal dispute over an alleged breach of contract with his former management. However, the Accra High Court dismissed the injunction filed against him, allowing him to continue performing music released under his old management.

House and Cars:

Black Sherif resides in a spacious home in Oyarifa, featuring three or more bedrooms, a built-in studio, and a home gym. He also owns a collection of vehicles, including a Mercedes Benz C300 and a Toyota Tundra, both gifted by his management.

Social Media: Black Sherif has a strong online presence with a significant following on social media platforms. He boasts over 2.52 million followers on Audiomack and has garnered substantial engagement on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. His music videos and releases continue to gain millions of views across various streaming platforms.


For more updates and insights into Black Sherif’s career, you can follow him on Instagram and Twitter @blacksherif_.


In summary, Black Sherif’s remarkable journey from his early freestyle days to becoming a chart-topping artist is a testament to his talent, dedication, and passion for music. His unique style and ability to blend various genres have earned him a special place in the hearts of music enthusiasts across Ghana and beyond.

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