July 15, 2024

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If you’re looking to share or transfer data on the MTN network, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll explore various methods to seamlessly share your data with your family and friends. Whether you’re new to data sharing or looking for a refresher, we’ve got you covered. Let’s delve into the world of data sharing on MTN!

Sharing data on MTN is a convenient way to ensure that your friends and family members stay connected without worrying about data limitations.

Whether you’re looking to help out a friend in need or simply want to spread the connectivity love, MTN offers several user-friendly methods for data transfer.

Ways to Transfer Data on MTN

Transferring data on the MTN network has become more convenient than ever before. Whether you’re sharing data with family, friends, or even requesting data from someone, MTN provides various methods to achieve this.

In this article, we will explore five distinct ways to transfer data on MTN, ensuring you have all the information you need to make seamless data exchanges. Listed and explained in detail below are the best and only five ways you can transfer data on MTN in Nigeria.

1. MTN USSD Transfer Code:

One of the simplest ways to transfer data on MTN is by using the USSD transfer code. Follow these steps to initiate a data transfer:

• Open your phone’s dialer app.

• Dial *321# and press the call button.

• Enter option 6, which is “Gift data”.

• Select the option “Transfer from Data Balance.”

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• Enter the recipient’s phone number.

• Choose the amount of data to transfer.

• Confirm the transfer by entering “1.”

Shortly after completing the process, the recipient will receive a notification confirming the data transfer.

2. Text Message Format (SMS):

If you prefer using text messages to transfer data, this method is for you. Follow these steps:

• Open your messaging app.

• Type “Transfer [space] friend’s number [space] data amount” (e.g., Transfer 07072545678 150).

• Send the message to 321.

This straightforward method ensures that your data reaches the intended recipient promptly.

3. MTN Mobile App:

The MyMTN mobile app offers a user-friendly interface for data transfers. Here’s how to use it:

• Download and install the MyMTN app from the Google Play Store.

• Launch the app and enter your phone number.

• Verify your identity using the OTP code sent to you.

• Select the “Share” option.

• Choose “Data” and enter the recipient’s phone number and data amount.

• Confirm the transfer.

The MyMTN app simplifies the data-sharing process and provides a convenient way to manage your data transactions.

4. Buying MTN data for a friend:

In situations where you want to buy data for a friend, MTN provides an easy solution:

• Dial *312#.

• Choose option 6 for “Gift data” in the list option.

• Select option 2 for “Buy for a friend.”

• Choose the desired data plan and validity.

• Specify the amount of data to send and proceed.

This method is useful when you want to gift data to someone who may not have sufficient data on their own.

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5. Requesting data from friends:

MTN also allows you to request data from friends using a simple code:

• Dial *321#.

• Choose option 6 for “Gift data” in the list option.

• Select option 3 for “request data from a friend.”

Enter your friend’s phone number and send the request.

Your friend will receive a message indicating your data request, and they can decide whether to fulfill it or not.


MTN has created a comprehensive system that empowers users to seamlessly share and manage data among themselves. Whether you prefer USSD codes, SMS, or the MyMTN app, there are multiple ways to transfer data on the MTN network.

Keep in mind that accuracy in recipient details and data amounts is crucial to ensuring smooth transfers. By utilizing these methods, you can make the most of your data balance and foster connections with family and friends within the MTN community.

FAQs About Data Transfer on MTN

Q1: Can I transfer data from MTN to other network providers?

No, MTN data transfer is only available for transferring data within the MTN network. You can’t transfer data to other network providers.

Q2: Is there a code to transfer data on MTN?

A: Yes, the MTN data transfer code is *321#. You can also use the MyMTN mobile app for data transfers.

Q3: How do I request data from friends on MTN?

To request data from friends, dial 3212*3# on your phone’s dialer app and follow the prompts.

Q4: What methods can I use to share data on MTN?

You can use the MTN USSD transfer code, text message format (SMS), and the MyMTN mobile app to share data with family and friends.

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Staying connected has never been easier with MTN’s data sharing options. Whether you prefer the simplicity of USSD codes, the convenience of text messages, or the modern interface of the MyMTN app, you have multiple ways to transfer data to your loved ones.

By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can ensure that sharing data on MTN is a hassle-free experience. Stay connected and keep spreading the connectivity love!

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