July 15, 2024

DStv, commonly abbreviated from “Digital Satellite Television,” stands as Sub-Saharan Africa’s premier direct broadcast satellite service, under the ownership of MultiChoice, with its headquarters located in Randburg, South Africa.

DStv has garnered a stellar reputation as the leading satellite television provider across the African continent, boasting millions of decoder installations in various regions. Notably, DStv offers diverse subscription packages, allowing you to tailor your choice to match your budget. In this article, we delve into the channel lineup of the DStv Compact package, priced at 10,500 naira per month.

What Awaits You with the DStv Compact Package:

  1. Extensive Channel Selection: Gain access to over 130 channels, offering a wide array of entertainment options.
  2. High-Definition Bliss: Enjoy the visual excellence of 20 HD channels, ensuring a top-tier viewing experience.
  3. Premier Football Action: Catch live and archived matches from the Premier League, FA Cup, and Carabao Cup, keeping you in the soccer loop.
  4. Thrilling WWE Wrestling: Experience the adrenaline of WWE wrestling with access to live events and past matches.
  5. Cinematic Delights: Stay updated with the latest and most captivating movies spanning all genres.
  6. Musical Extravaganza: Dive into the world of music with the freshest music videos at your fingertips.
  7. Kid-Friendly Animation: Keep the little ones entertained with a collection of the best animated content.
  8. Global News Coverage: Stay informed with up-to-the-minute news from around the world and across various localities.

Dstv Compact Channels List 2023

Category & Channels Channel Numbers
KIX Channel 114
Studio Universal Channel 112
TNT Africa Channel 137
Africa Magic Epic Channel 152
ROK Channel 168
SS Premier League Nigeria Channel 203
SS BLITZ Channel 200
SS La Liga Nigeria Channel 204
SS Football Nigeria Channel 205
SS Variety 2 Channel 207
SS Variety 3 Channel 208
SS Variety 4 Channel 209
ESPN Channel 218
SS Motorsport Channel 215
SS Football Plus Nigeria Channel 202
Africa Magic Urban Channel 153
Africa Magic Family Channel 154
Africa Magic Hausa Channel 156
Africa Magic Yoruba Channel 157
Africa Magic Igbo Channel 159
BBC Brit Channel 120
Vuzu Channel 116
MTV Channel 130
Discovery TLC Entertainment Channel 135
TLNovelas Channel 133
Kids and Teens
Cartoon Network Channel 301
Boomerang Channel 302
Disney Channel Channel 303
Nickelodeon Channel 305
Nick Jr Channel 307
NickTOONS Channel 308
Disney Junior Channel 309
Moonbug Kids Channel 314
News and Commerce
CNN International Channel 401
Sky News Channel 402
News Central Channel 422
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DStv Compact Price in Nigeria

The DStv Compact package offers a compelling array of entertainment options at an affordable price point for viewers in Nigeria. Priced at just 10,500 naira per month, it provides access to a diverse range of channels, ensuring that subscribers can enjoy a wide variety of content without breaking the bank.

At 10,500 naira, the DStv Compact package strikes a balance between value and quality. Subscribers can delve into a plethora of movies, sports, entertainment, and news channels, making it an ideal choice for individuals and families seeking an enriching television experience without the need for a more premium package.

Whether you’re a sports enthusiast, a movie buff, or a fan of diverse television content, DStv Compact offers something for everyone while remaining budget-friendly. This accessible pricing allows more Nigerians to enjoy the convenience and entertainment that DStv has to offer, making it a popular choice in the country’s television landscape.


  1. What is DStv Compact?
    • Answer: DStv Compact is a subscription package from DStv that offers a diverse range of TV channels at an affordable price.
  2. How much does DStv Compact cost in Nigeria?
    • Answer: DStv Compact is priced at 10,500 naira per month in Nigeria.
  3. What channels are included in DStv Compact?
    • Answer: DStv Compact includes channels spanning movies, sports, entertainment, and news, offering a variety of content.
  4. Can I watch live sports with DStv Compact?
    • Answer: Yes, DStv Compact provides access to live sports, including football leagues like the Premier League and La Liga.
  5. Is DStv Compact suitable for families with kids?
    • Answer: Absolutely, DStv Compact offers family-friendly channels, including cartoons and educational content for children.
  6. Are HD channels available in DStv Compact?
    • Answer: Yes, you can enjoy HD channels with the DStv Compact package.
  7. How can I subscribe to DStv Compact?
    • Answer: You can subscribe to DStv Compact through the DStv website, authorized dealers, or customer service centers.
  8. Is there a contract for DStv Compact, or can I pay monthly?
    • Answer: DStv Compact operates on a monthly subscription basis, and there is no long-term contract required.
  9. Can I upgrade from DStv Compact to a higher package?
    • Answer: Yes, you can upgrade to a higher DStv package at any time to access more channels and features.
  10. What is the customer support contact for DStv inquiries?
    • Answer: You can reach DStv customer support through their helpline or visit their website for assistance with any queries or issues.
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In conclusion, DStv Compact in Nigeria stands as an excellent choice for those who seek quality entertainment without stretching their budget. With a monthly subscription fee of just 10,500 naira, this package opens the doors to a world of diverse programming, including movies, sports, entertainment, and news. It’s a testament to DStv’s commitment to providing accessible and enriching television experiences for Nigerians.

Whether you’re following your favorite sports league, enjoying the latest blockbuster movies, or staying informed with global news, DStv Compact offers a well-rounded selection of channels to cater to your preferences. The balance between affordability and content variety makes it a popular choice among individuals and families alike.

So, if you’re looking for a television package that combines value, entertainment, and convenience, DStv Compact is indeed a befitting choice. Join the millions of Nigerians who have already discovered the joy of quality programming without breaking the bank and embark on a journey of entertainment with DStv Compact.

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