June 13, 2024

DStv Confam, positioned as the premier tier above the DStv Yanga package, is your gateway to a remarkable television journey. With an extensive assortment of over 105 channels, including 10 high-definition (HD) options, it stands tall as one of DStv’s top-tier offerings, providing crystal-clear HD quality for your viewing pleasure.

DStv, renowned as the leading satellite television provider in Africa, consistently delivers an impressive array of content suitable for both adults and children. In this comprehensive article, we’ll explore all the vital details about the DStv Confam package and its channel lineup.

What Awaits You in the DStv Confam Package

Subscribing to DStv Confam opens the door to a world of entertainment.

  1. 105+ Channels: Delight in a diverse range of channels catering to various interests.
  2. Special Offer: Opt for the annual subscription, and you’ll enjoy one month absolutely free when you pay for 11 months, making it a cost-effective choice.
  3. 10 HD Channels: Immerse yourself in the finest high-definition entertainment for a superior viewing experience.
  4. Affordable Pricing: DStv Confam offers an attractive price point, ensuring premium entertainment doesn’t break the bank.
  5. Local and international news: Stay well-informed with the latest news from both local and global sources.
  6. SuperSport Channels: Sports enthusiasts are in for a treat with access to SuperSport channels, ensuring you never miss a game.
  7. Recent Dramas: Catch up on the latest and greatest dramas, keeping you hooked to the screen.
  8. Best Nigerian Entertainment: Explore the rich world of Nigerian entertainment, featuring top-notch shows and content.
  9. Latest Sports News: Stay up-to-date with the latest sports news and updates from around the world.
  10. Europa, Serie A, and La Liga: Enjoy live and recent matches from these prestigious football leagues, thrilling fans everywhere.
  11. Epic and M-Net Movies: Access a wide selection of captivating movies on Epic and M-Net.
  12. Kids’ Entertainment Contents: Keep the little ones entertained with a plethora of child-friendly content.
  13. Documentaries: Dive into the world of knowledge and exploration with an array of captivating documentaries.
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DStv Confam Monthly and Yearly Subscription Prices in Nigeria

For our Nigerian subscribers, the DStv Confam package is affordably priced at N6,200 for a monthly subscription. Additionally, for annual subscribers, the package comes with a special offer: pay for 11 months, and you’ll receive one month absolutely free.

For an annual subscription to the DStv Confam package, priced at N6,200 per month, you get an incredible deal. By opting for the annual plan, you’ll pay for just 11 months, totaling N68,200 for the entire year.

This means you’ll enjoy uninterrupted entertainment for a full year while saving the cost of one month’s subscription—a fantastic value for those seeking a cost-effective, long-term entertainment solution.

DStv Confam Channels List

Category Channel Name Channel Number
General Entertainment Africa Magic Hausa 156
Africa Magic Yoruba 157
Africa Magic Igbo 159
Africa Magic Family 154
CBS Reality 132
BET 129
Universal Channel 117
FOX 125
ROK 2 169
ROK GH 164
Kids and Teens Cartoon Network 301
Disney Junior 309
Boomerang 302
Cbeebies 306
Mindset 319
PBS Kids 313
JimJam 310
Nickelodeon 305
Moonbug Kids 314
Sports SS La Liga Nigeria 204
SS Variety 3 208
SS Motorsport 215
Movies Africa Magic Epic 152
Lifestyle and Culture BBC Lifestyle 174
Documentary Nat Geo Wild 182
Indian NDTV 24Ă—7 413
News and Commerce Joy News 421
Channels 420
NTA News 24 419
TVC News Nigeria 418
Arise News 416
Euronews 414


DStv Confam stands as a testament to premium entertainment, offering a rich tapestry of over 105 channels, including 10 high-definition options, all designed to elevate your viewing experience.

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As a part of the DStv family, known for being Africa’s foremost satellite television provider, it consistently delivers high-quality content tailored to both adults and children.

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