July 15, 2024

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The StarTimes Classic Bouquet Package brings an incredible assortment of over 90 channels to your screen, and in 2023, it’s remarkably priced at just 3,100 Naira. This makes it one of the most cost-effective options in the StarTimes offerings, ensuring you get top-notch entertainment without breaking the bank.

To add convenience to your viewing experience, StarTimes provides an online streaming app. With this app, you’ll stay updated with the latest information, and here’s the kicker: you can access it right on your mobile device. Simply head to the Google Play Store, where you can download the Android app, subscribe, and indulge in limitless entertainment. Whether you’re into sports, music, news, or a myriad of other content types, it’s all at your fingertips.

In response to the changing landscape of their bouquet packages, StarTimes introduces the Special Bouquet, serving as a midpoint between the Smart and Super bouquets. This new addition aims to cater to your diverse entertainment needs.

Now, let’s delve into the new pricing structure, effective April 14, 2023. For DTT (antenna) users, the Basic bouquet now costs N2,100, offering access to nearly 80 thrilling channels. The Classic Bouquet, which covers close to 95 channels, comes at N3,100. Additionally, the Nova bouquet, with over 43 exciting channels, is now priced at N1,200.

For DTH (Dish) users, the Smart Bouquet offers 101 channels at a rate of N2,800. The Super Bouquet, boasting 122+ channels, can be enjoyed for N5,300. The Nova bouquet, featuring 34+ channels, is now priced at N1,200. StarTimes attributes these adjustments to factors like economic pressures and fluctuating exchange rates that impact operational costs.

StarTimes, a prominent Chinese electronics and media company operating in sub-Saharan Africa, is leading the charge in the digital television revolution. They offer digital terrestrial television and satellite television services to consumers and provide vital technologies to countries and broadcasters transitioning from analog to digital television.

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In this comprehensive article, we’ve covered the StarTimes Classic Bouquet Package, highlighting its extensive channel lineup, its 2023 pricing in Nigeria, and how to activate it for your viewing pleasure. Affordable, diverse, and packed with entertainment options, StarTimes continues to be a reliable choice for quality television content.

StarTimes Classic Bouquet Channels List

Category Channel Name
Kids Baby TV
Kids CBeebies
Entertainment Colours TV
Documentary Discovery Family
Movies & Series DreamWorks
Entertainment E!
Sports ESPN 2
Sports Eurosport News
Lifestyle Fashion One
Lifestyle Fine Living
Entertainment Fox
News Fox News
Documentary Investigation Discovery
Music MTV Base
Documentary National Geographic
Documentary National Geographic Wild
Documentary Smithsonian Channel
Entertainment ST Adepa
Entertainment ST Bollywood
Movies & Series ST Movies Plus
Movies & Series ST Nollywood Plus
Entertainment ST Novela E Plus
Music ST Soul
Sports ST Sports Premium
Sports ST World Football HD
Movies & Series Star Gold
Entertainment Star Plus
Movies & Series AMC AWA TV
News CNC World
Religious Dove TV
Religious Emmanuel TV
Entertainment E-Stars
Hausa Entertainment Farin Wata
Entertainment Galaxy TV
Religious Iqraa
Kids Jimjam
Entertainment Liberty
Entertainment Nigbati TV
Entertainment NTA Hausa
Entertainment NTA Igbo
Education NTA Knowledge
News NTA News 24
Entertainment NTA Yoruba
Entertainment Orisun
News Plus TV Africa
Entertainment Rave TV
Entertainment ST Dadin Kowa
Entertainment ST Guide
Entertainment ST Kungfu
Entertainment ST Real Time
Sports ST Sports Focus
Entertainment TVBC
Entertainment WAP TV
Entertainment Wazobia TV
News Africa News
News Al Jazeera
Movies & Series AMC Movies
Movies & Series AMC Series
Entertainment Area Ten
Hausa Entertainment Arewa 24
News BBC World News
Entertainment Border TV
Documentary CGTN Documentary
Sports ESPN
Religious EWTN
Lifestyle FOX Life
Igbo Entertainment Isi Mbido
Documentary Love Nature
Sports NGW
Kids Nickelodeon
Music Nigezie
Entertainment Nina TV E
Entertainment NTA E
News Sky News
Religious ST Gospel
Kids ST Kids
Entertainment ST Naija
Entertainment ST Novela E
Entertainment ST Rise
Music ST SA Music
Entertainment ST Sino Drama
Sports ST Sports Arena
Sports ST Sports Life
Entertainment ST Yoruba
Entertainment ST Zone
Entertainment Star Life
News TA Parliamentary
Religious TBN
Entertainment TNT Africa
Kids Toonami
Music Trace Mziki
News TVC News
Movies & Series Zee Cinema
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Benefits of the StarTimes Classic Bouquet Channels

The StarTimes Classic Bouquet Channels offer a remarkable array of benefits, setting them apart as a top-tier choice for television entertainment. Here are the advantages that make it stand out, especially when compared to the StarTimes Smart and Basic Bouquets:

  1. Extensive Channel Lineup: The Classic Bouquet boasts an impressive selection of channels, surpassing the offerings of the Smart and Basic Bouquets. With over 100 channels to choose from, it provides an unparalleled variety of content.
  2. Diverse Entertainment: From dedicated kids’ channels to educational programming and thrilling sports coverage, it caters to diverse interests within your household.
  3. Enhanced Sports Experience: With channels like ESPN, Eurosport News, and ST Sports Premium, sports enthusiasts can enjoy live action and in-depth sports analysis, elevating their viewing experience.
  4. In-Depth News Coverage: Stay informed with a multitude of news channels, including BBC World News, Al Jazeera, and CNC World, ensuring you’re up-to-date on global events.
  5. Rich Movie and Series Selection: The Classic Bouquet offers an extensive library of movies and series through channels like Star Plus, ST Movies Plus, AMC Movies, and AMC Series, ensuring there’s always something captivating to watch.
  6. Lifestyle and Fashion Insights: For those passionate about lifestyle and fashion, Fine Living, E!, and FOX Life deliver engaging content that caters to your interests.
  7. Fascinating Documentaries: Explore the wonders of the world through channels like National Geographic, the Smithsonian Channel, and Love Nature, which provide captivating and educational documentaries.
  8. Spiritual Enrichment: Religious content is readily available on channels such as Dove TV, Emmanuel TV, and EWTN, offering spiritual growth and inspiration.
  9. Music Variety: Music lovers can indulge in a diverse range of musical genres with channels like MTV Base, ST SA Music, and Trace Mziki.
  10. Cultural Diversity: Embrace and appreciate various cultures and languages through channels like Farin Wata, ST Yoruba, and ST Novela E.
  11. Entertainment for All: Whether you’re a fan of Nollywood movies, international series, or local programming, the Classic Bouquet caters to a wide audience.
  12. Convenient Streaming: Access your favorite content on the go through the convenience of an online streaming app, making entertainment accessible anytime, anywhere.
  13. Budget-Friendly Value: Despite its extensive channel lineup, the Classic Bouquet remains affordable, making it an excellent choice for cost-conscious viewers.
  14. Specialized Categories: Channels like NGW focus on niche content, such as gaming and e-sports, catering to specific interests.
  15. Multilingual Content: With channels available in various languages, including Arewa 24, NTA Igbo, and Isi Mbido, it promotes inclusivity and cultural diversity.
  16. High-Definition Quality: Enjoy superior picture and sound quality with high-definition channels like ST World Football HD.
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In conclusion, the StarTimes Classic Bouquet Channels offer an exceptional and diverse television experience. With an extensive channel lineup, superior content quality, and a wide range of categories, it stands as a top choice for those seeking comprehensive entertainment.

Whether you’re a sports enthusiast, a movie buff, or a fan of cultural diversity, the Classic Bouquet delivers a rich viewing experience that sets it apart from the rest.

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