June 13, 2024

GOtv has become a household name, known for delivering top-notch digital television services throughout Africa. With its budget-friendly subscription plans and an extensive array of channels, it has transformed the way we consume television. Among its offerings, GOtv Plus shines as a premium package, providing a wide variety of content across different categories.

Whether you’re a cinephile in search of the latest blockbuster hits, a sports aficionado hungry for thrilling matches, or a music enthusiast seeking the hottest tracks, GOtv Plus has you in mind. Join us as we delve into this fascinating realm of entertainment, neatly categorized for your convenience, and discover the hidden treasures awaiting your exploration.

GOtv Plus Subscription Prices:

In Kenya, the monthly subscription cost for GOtv Plus is Ksh. 930.

In Ghana, the monthly subscription cost for GOtv Plus is GHS 70.

These subscription prices allow viewers in both countries to access a wide range of channels and enjoy an enriching television experience with GOtv Plus.

GOtv Plus Channels List

Category Channels
Entertainment & Movies GO Channel, Iroko Music, Telemundo, E! Entertainment, M-Net Movies Zone, Eva +, AfricaMagic Epic Movies, AfricaMagic Family, AfricaMagic World, AfricaMagic Hausa, AfricaMagic Yoruba, AfricaMagic Igbo, Zee World, Vox Africa, Televista, Trybe, Galaxy TV, B4U Movies, FOX Life
Local Channels Liberty TV, Tiwa and Tiwa, Rave, R2TV, NTA I, Silverbird, AIT, Channels, MiTV, Lagos TV, WaZoBia Max, Arewa 24, WAP
News & Commerce eTV Africa, BBC World News, CNN International, Al Jazeera, Arise News, TVC News
Music MTV Base, Hip TV, Afro Music English, SoundCity, Planet Radio TV
Religious Channels Faith Broadcast Network, Islam Channel, Emmanuel TV, Dove TV
Sports SuperSport Blitz, SuperSport Select 1, SuperSport Select 2, SuperSport Select 3
Children Nickelodeon, Disney Junior, Jim Jam
Lifestyle & Culture Fashion One, Spice TV
Documentary Discovery Family, Nat Geo Wild
Specialist TVC Entertainment
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GOtv Plus Channels List & Categories

Entertainment and Movies (19 Channels)

  1. GO Channel: The flagship channel of GOtv, offering a mix of entertaining content.
  2. Iroko Music: Bringing you the latest in African and international music.
  3. Telemundo: A hub for thrilling telenovelas and drama series.
  4. E! Entertainment: Keeping you updated on celebrity news, pop culture, and entertainment.
  5. M-Net Movies Zone: Your go-to channel for a diverse range of movies.
  6. Eva +: A channel dedicated to the best in telenovelas and entertainment.
  7. AfricaMagic Epic Movies: Featuring epic and blockbuster movies.
  8. AfricaMagic Family: A family-friendly channel with a variety of shows.
  9. AfricaMagic World: Offering a world of African entertainment.
  10. AfricaMagic Hausa: Focusing on Hausa-language entertainment.
  11. AfricaMagic Yoruba: Celebrating Yoruba culture and entertainment.
  12. AfricaMagic Igbo: Bringing Igbo culture to your screen.
  13. Zee World: Your destination for Bollywood entertainment.
  14. Vox Africa: Showcasing African and international content.
  15. Televista: A channel dedicated to classic Nollywood movies.
  16. Trybe: Exploring African and international cinema.
  17. Galaxy TV: A channel for news, entertainment, and more.
  18. B4U Movies: A treasure trove of Bollywood movies.
  19. FOX Life: Bringing you the best in lifestyle and entertainment.

Local Channels (13 Channels)

  1. Liberty TV: Local news and entertainment.
  2. Tiwa and Tiwa: A channel offering a variety of content.
  3. Rave: Bringing you music, movies, and more.
  4. R2TV: Your source for lifestyle and entertainment.
  5. NTA I: National Television Authority’s flagship channel.
  6. Silverbird: Home to exciting movies and shows.
  7. AIT: African Independent Television, offering diverse programming.
  8. Channels: Providing insightful news and analysis.
  9. MiTV: Music, movies, and more.
  10. Lagos TV: Dedicated to the vibrant city of Lagos.
  11. WaZoBia Max: Celebrating Nigerian culture and entertainment.
  12. Arewa 24: Focusing on northern Nigerian culture.
  13. WAP: Exploring West African culture and entertainment.
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News and Commerce (6 Channels)

  1. eTV Africa: Your source for African news and stories.
  2. BBC World News: Keeping you informed about global events.
  3. CNN International: Delivering international news and analysis.
  4. Al Jazeera: A global news network with a focus on the Middle East.
  5. Arise News: Providing a fresh perspective on news.
  6. TVC News: Offering comprehensive news coverage.

Music (5 Channels)

  1. MTV Base: A hub for music videos and entertainment.
  2. Hip TV: Celebrating African music and culture.
  3. Afro Music English: A channel dedicated to Afrobeat and more.
  4. SoundCity: Your destination for music and lifestyle.
  5. Planet Radio TV: Where music and entertainment collide.

Religious Channels (4 Channels)

  1. Faith Broadcast Network: Nurturing your spiritual journey.
  2. Islam Channel: Providing Islamic content and education.
  3. Emmanuel TV: A channel for Christian teachings and inspiration.
  4. Dove TV: Delivering Christian programming for the family.

Sports (4 Channels)

  1. SuperSport Blitz: Your gateway to sports highlights and news.
  2. SuperSport Select 1: Covering a wide range of sporting events.
  3. SuperSport Select 2: Bringing you more live sports action.
  4. SuperSport Select 3: Ensuring you never miss a game.

Children (3 Channels)

  1. Nickelodeon: A world of fun and adventure for kids.
  2. Disney Junior: Where magical Disney moments come to life.
  3. Jim Jam: Entertaining and educating young minds.

Lifestyle and Culture (2 Channels)

  1. Fashion One: Exploring the latest in fashion and style.
  2. Spice TV: A channel dedicated to lifestyle and culture.

Documentary (2 Channels)

  1. Discovery Family: Discover the wonders of the natural world.
  2. Nat Geo Wild: Witness the wild side of nature.

Specialist (1 Channel)

  1. TVC Entertainment: Providing specialized entertainment content.


As we conclude our exploration of GOtv Plus channels, one thing becomes abundantly clear: GOtv Plus is not just a television service; it’s a portal to a world of diverse and enriching entertainment. With its affordable pricing, GOtv Plus has made premium television accessible to households across Kenya and Ghana, ensuring that quality content is just a subscription away.

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Whether you’re a fan of thrilling movies, sports action, music beats, or informative news, GOtv Plus has carefully curated its channel lineup to cater to every taste and preference. It’s more than just television; it’s a companion for the entire family, offering something for everyone, regardless of age or interest.

In Kenya, for a monthly fee of Ksh. 930, and in Ghana, for GHS 70 per month, GOtv Plus not only provides an impressive array of channels but also guarantees an immersive and enjoyable viewing experience. It’s an investment in entertainment that pays off with hours of excitement, education, and relaxation.

So, whether you’re in Nairobi or Accra, consider making GOtv Plus a part of your home entertainment setup. Experience the magic of movies, the thrill of sports, the rhythm of music, and the power of knowledge, all wrapped up in one comprehensive package. With GOtv Plus, the world of entertainment is at your fingertips.

Make the smart choice today, subscribe to GOtv Plus, and unlock a universe of entertainment possibilities. Thank you for joining us on this journey through the world of GOtv Plus channels, and we hope you enjoy the endless entertainment it has to offer.

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