June 13, 2024

StarTimes Nova Bouquet is the ideal starting point for those looking to explore the world of satellite television without breaking the bank. As the most budget-friendly package offered by StarTimes, it offers a remarkable array of channels that cater to various interests and preferences. In this article, we will delve into all the essential details about the StarTimes Nova Bouquet, including its channel lineup and, of course, its unbeatable price.

Exploring StarTimes Nova Bouquet Channels

One of the primary reasons to opt for the StarTimes Nova Bouquet is its impressive channel selection. Subscribers gain access to over 48 channels spanning various categories, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re a fan of quality video content, sports, news, or entertainment, this package has you covered.

Here are some key highlights of what you can expect:

  • Diverse Quality Video Channels: Enjoy a variety of quality video channels that deliver crisp and clear visuals for an immersive viewing experience.
  • Affordable Package Price: StarTimes Nova Bouquet offers affordability without compromising on content quality, making it accessible to a broad audience.
  • Local and International News: Stay informed with regular updates from both local and international news sources, keeping you in the loop with current events.
  • Sports Enthusiast’s Paradise: Access to dedicated sports channels ensures you won’t miss any of the latest games, matches, or sporting events.
  • Latest Dramas and Nigerian Entertainment: Stay entertained with the latest drama series and Nigerian entertainment content that caters to diverse tastes.
  • Global Entertainment: Explore a world of entertainment with access to Epic and M-Net Movies, delivering a wide range of cinematic experiences.
  • Kid-Friendly Content: Keep the little ones entertained with a selection of children’s channels that provide wholesome entertainment.
  • Enlightening Documentaries: For those who seek knowledge and exploration, there are channels dedicated to thought-provoking documentaries.
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The Price of StarTimes Nova Bouquet in Nigeria

Affordability is a significant factor that sets the StarTimes Nova Bouquet apart. In Nigeria, this fantastic package comes at an incredibly low monthly cost of approximately ₦1500. This budget-friendly price point ensures that quality entertainment is within reach for many households across Nigeria.

StarTimes Nova Bouquet Channels List

Category Channels
News Africa News
Al Jazeera
BBC World News
CNC World
NTA News 24
Sky News
TVC News
Sports ESPN
ST Sports Focus
ST Sports Life
Movies AMC Movies
Farin Wata
ST Movies Plus
ST Nollywood Plus
ST Novela E
ST Sino Drama
ST Zone
Zee Cinema
Music Nigezie
ST Music
ST Naija
ST SA Music
Trace Mziki
Kids Baby TV
Religion Dove TV
Emmanuel TV
Others AMC Series
Galaxy TV
Liberty TV
NTA Knowledge
Orisun TV
Plus TV Africa
Rave TV
Wazobia TV

How to Install StarTimes Nova Bouquet

Installing the StarTimes Nova Bouquet is a straightforward process that allows you to access a variety of channels at an affordable price. Follow these steps to get started:

1. Obtain the required equipment:

Before you begin the installation process, ensure you have the necessary equipment:

  • StarTimes Decoder: You’ll need a StarTimes decoder to access the Nova Bouquet. If you don’t have one, you can purchase it from a StarTimes authorized dealer.
  • Satellite Dish: Ensure you have a functioning satellite dish properly aligned to receive signals from StarTimes satellites.
  • Cables: You’ll need coaxial cables to connect your satellite dish to the decoder.
  • TV: Have a TV with available AV or HDMI ports.
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2. Choose a suitable location:

Select a location for your satellite dish that has a clear line of sight to the StarTimes satellite. This ensures optimal signal reception. Make sure there are no obstructions, like trees or buildings, blocking the view.

3. Connect the satellite dish:

Here’s how to connect the satellite dish to the decoder:

  • Attach one end of the coaxial cable to the LNB (Low Noise Block) output on the satellite dish.
  • Connect the other end of the coaxial cable to the LNB input on your StarTimes decoder.

4. Connect to the TV:

Connect your StarTimes decoder to your TV.

  • Use an HDMI or AV cable to connect the decoder to your TV, depending on the available ports on your TV.
  • Plug one end of the cable into the corresponding output on the decoder and the other end into the TV input.

5. Power on:

Plug in the power adapter for your StarTimes decoder and turn on both the decoder and your TV.

6. Activate Your Decoder:

Upon powering on, your StarTimes decoder will display on-screen instructions for activation. Follow these steps:

  • Enter your activation code (provided with your decoder) using the remote control.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the activation process.

7. Scan for channels:

After activation, your decoder will automatically scan for available channels. This may take a few minutes, so be patient.

8. Select the StarTimes Nova Bouquet:

Once the scanning process is complete, use your remote control to navigate to the channel list. Look for the StarTimes Nova Bouquet among the available packages and select it.

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9. Enjoy Your Subscription:

Congratulations! You’ve successfully installed the StarTimes Nova Bouquet. You can now enjoy a wide range of channels and quality entertainment content at an affordable price.


In conclusion, the StarTimes Nova Bouquet offers an extensive range of channels, catering to various interests and preferences. Whether you’re a news enthusiast, sports fan, movie buff, music lover, or have children in the family, this package provides diverse entertainment options at an affordable price. With its user-friendly installation process, accessing quality content has never been easier.

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