GOTV Smallie Channels list and Price in Nigeria

In today’s fast-paced world, staying connected to the latest news, entertainment, and information is crucial. GOTV has been a trusted companion for countless households, offices, and various establishments, offering an affordable and reliable source of entertainment.

If you’re on the lookout for an affordable decoder package with a rich assortment of channels, your search ends with GOTV Smallie. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the world of GOTV Smallie, covering its channel list, pricing in Nigeria, and the many benefits that make it a smart choice for your entertainment needs.

The GOTV Smallie package is a budget-friendly option that provides crystal-clear channels, ensuring you get the most out of your viewing experience. Priced at just N1,100 per month, it’s a fantastic deal that brings top-notch entertainment right to your screen.

GOTV Smallie Channels List

Let’s start by exploring the impressive array of channels that GOTV Smallie offers. With a diverse selection of 23 TV and audio channels, you’ll have access to a wide range of content to keep you engaged and informed. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect:

General Entertainment Channels on GOTV Smallie:

• TVC Entertainment (Channel 27)

• Trybe (Channel 97)

Documentary, Lifestyle, and Education Channels on GOTV Smallie:

• Spice TV (Channel 10)

Sports Channels on GoTV Smallie:

• SS Blitz

News and Commerce Channels on GOTV Smallie:

• TVC News

• Al Jazeera

• NTA Parliament

• NTA News24

• Channels Television

Kids and Teen Channels on GOTV Smallie:

• Jim Jam (Channel 61)

Religious Channels on GOTV Smallie:

• Emmanuel TV

• Dove TV

• Islam Channel

• Faith

Music Channels on GoTV Smallie:

• AFRO Music English

• Urban TV

Local Channels on GoTV Smallie:


• Wazobia TV

• Lagos TV

• Channels TV


• Silverbird

• NTA International


• R2TV

• Liberty TV

• Galaxy TV



• OGtv


• Arewa 24

• NTA2


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• ITV Benin


Audio Channels on GOTV Smallie:

• Wazobia FM

• Naija FM

Benefits of GOTV Smallies

• Affordability: As mentioned earlier, GoTV Smallie is incredibly affordable, making it accessible to a wide range of viewers.

• Diverse Content: With a diverse selection of channels, GOTV Smallie caters to various interests, ensuring there’s something for everyone in the family.

• Quality: Despite its low cost, GOTV Smallie offers crystal-clear channels, guaranteeing a high-quality viewing experience.

• Local Channels: It provides access to numerous local channels, keeping you connected to events and news in your region.

• Entertainment for Kids: The inclusion of kid-friendly channels like Jim Jam ensures that your children are entertained and engaged.

GOTV Smallie Price in Nigeria

For only N1,100 per month, you can enjoy all the benefits and entertainment that GOTV Smallie has to offer. This budget-friendly option allows you to access a wide range of channels without breaking the bank. Check more pricing below :

  1. GOtv Smallie (Monthly): ₦1,100
    • With this subscription, you get access to GOtv Smallie for one month at a cost of ₦1,100.
  2. GOtv Smallie (Quarterly): ₦2,900
    • Opting for the quarterly plan, you can enjoy GOtv Smallie for three months, and the total cost is ₦2,900.
  3. GOtv Smallie (Yearly): ₦8,600
    • The yearly subscription plan offers access to GOtv Smallie for a full year, priced at ₦8,600.

GoTV Smallie Channels List 2023

Category Channel Name Channel Number
General Entertainment Channels TVC Entertainment Channel 27
Trybe Channel 97
Documentary, Lifestyle, and Education Spice TV Channel 10
Sports Channels SS Blitz
News and Commerce Channels TVC News
Al Jazeera
NTA Parliament
NTA News24
Channels Television
Kids and Teen Channels Jim Jam Channel 61
Religious Channels Emmanuel TV
Dove TV
Islam Channel
Music Channels AFRO Music English
Urban TV
Local Channels WAP TV
Wazobia TV
Lagos TV
NTA International
Liberty TV
Galaxy TV
Arewa 24
ITV Benin
Audio Channels Wazobia FM
Naija FM

Why choose GoTV Smallie?

When it comes to selecting a decoder package for your entertainment needs, GOtv Smallie stands out for several compelling reasons:

• Affordability: GoTV Smallie is designed with budget-conscious viewers in mind. It offers a fantastic assortment of channels at an affordable monthly rate of just N1,100. This means you can enjoy quality entertainment without straining your budget.

• Diverse Channel Lineup: With GOTV Smallie, you gain access to a diverse range of 23 TV and audio channels. From general entertainment and documentaries to sports, news, and local content, there’s something for every member of your household.

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• High-Quality Viewing: Despite its low cost, GOTV Smallie doesn’t compromise on quality. You’ll experience crystal-clear channels that ensure an immersive and enjoyable viewing experience.

• Stay Connected Locally: GOTV Smallie includes a substantial selection of local channels, keeping you informed about events, news, and culture in your region. This local touch adds a unique dimension to your entertainment.

• Kids-Friendly Content: Families will appreciate the inclusion of kid-friendly channels like Jim Jam, ensuring that children are entertained with age-appropriate programming.

• No Hidden Costs: GOtv Smallie’s transparent pricing means you won’t encounter unexpected charges. What you see is what you get, making it easy to budget for your entertainment.

• Upgrade Your Entertainment: GOTV Smallie opens the door to a world of entertainment without breaking the bank. It’s the perfect choice for those who want quality content without the high subscription fees.

Disadvantages of GOTV Smallie:

• Limited Channel Selection: While GOtv Smallie offers a decent range of channels, it’s important to note that it has fewer channels compared to higher-tier packages like GOtv Supa Plus. This means you may miss out on some premium content and specialized channels.

• No HD Channels: GOTV Smallie does not include high-definition (HD) channels. If you’re someone who prefers to watch content in high definition for a better visual experience, you won’t find this feature in the Smallie package.

• Fewer Sports Channels: Sports enthusiasts might be disappointed by the limited sports channels available on GOTV Smallie. If you’re a fan of a wide variety of sports and live events, you may need to consider a higher-tier package.

• Lack of Premium Content: GOTV Smallie may not provide access to premium channels and content that are available in more expensive packages. If you’re looking for exclusive shows, movies, or international content, you might need to upgrade.

Now, let’s compare GOtv Smallie with the GOtv Supa Plus package to highlight the differences:

GOtv Smallie vs. GOtv Supa Plus:

1. Channel Selection: 

• GOTV Smallie: Offers a basic selection of 23 channels.

• GOTV Supa Plus: Provides a more extensive channel lineup with over 75 channels, including premium content.

2. HD Channels: 

• GOTV Smallie: Does not include HD channels.

• GOTV Supa Plus: Offers HD channels for viewers who prefer high-quality visuals.

3. Sports Coverage: 

• GOTV Smallie: Provides limited sports channels.

• GOTV Supa Plus: Offers a wider range of sports channels, ideal for sports enthusiasts.

4. Premium Content: 

• GOTV Smallie: Primarily focuses on basic and local content.

• GOtv Supa Plus: Includes premium channels and content, making it suitable for those seeking exclusive shows and movies.

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5. Pricing: 

• GOtv Smallie is more budget-friendly at N1,100 per month.

• GOTV Supa Plus: Comes at a higher monthly subscription cost.

FAQs About the GOTV Smallie Channels List

Q1: What channels are included in the GOTV Smallie package?

• A1: The GOTV Smallie package offers a diverse selection of 23 TV and audio channels. These include general entertainment channels, sports channels, news channels, documentary channels, and more.

Q2: Are there any sports channels included in GOTV Smallie?

• A2: Yes, GOTV Smallie includes sports channels. However, it provides a more limited selection compared to higher-tier packages. You can find sports coverage on channels like SS Blitz Africa.

Q3: Is there access to local and regional channels with GOTV Smallie?

• A3: Absolutely! GOTV Smallie includes a variety of local channels that keep you connected to events and news in your region.

Q4: Does GOTV Smallie offer any children’s programming?

• A4: Yes, GOTV Smallie caters to younger viewers with channels like Jim Jam, which provides kid-friendly content.

Q5: Are HD (high-definition) channels available in the GOTV Smallie package?

• A5: Unfortunately, GOTV Smallie does not include HD channels. If you’re looking for high-definition visuals, you may need to explore other GOTV packages that offer this feature.

Q6: How much does the GOTV Smallie package cost per month?

• A6: GOTV Smallie is one of the most affordable options, priced at just N1,100 per month. This budget-friendly rate allows you to enjoy quality entertainment without a high subscription fee.

Q7: What benefits does GOtv Smallie offer compared to other packages?

• A7: GOTV Smallie provides affordability, a diverse channel lineup, quality viewing, and access to local content.

Q8: Can I upgrade from GOTV Smallie to a higher-tier package if I want more channels?

• A8: Yes, you can upgrade your GoTV subscription to a higher-tier package at any time.

Q9: Are there any hidden fees with GoTV Smallie?

• A9: GoTV Smallie is known for its transparent pricing. The monthly subscription cost of N1,100 covers your access to the channels included in the package, and there are no hidden fees.

Q10: How do I subscribe to GOTV Smallie and access the channels?

• A10: To subscribe to GOtv Smallie, you can visit the official GOtv website, use the GOtv mobile app, or visit a GOtv dealer or outlet. Once subscribed, you will receive a decoder and can start enjoying the channels immediately.


As we draw the curtain on our exploration of GOtv Smallie, it’s clear that this package is more than just a decoder; it’s a portal to a world of entertainment that won’t strain your budget.

With its diverse channel offerings, affordable price tag of N1,100 per month, and commitment to quality, GOTV Smallie stands as a testament to the idea that you don’t need to break the bank for quality entertainment.

So, whether you’re a fan of local shows, sports, news, or simply want to keep the little ones entertained with kid-friendly programming, GOtv Smallie has you covered. It’s a smart choice that allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds—quality content without the premium price.


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