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Flavor Flav’s wife, Liz Trujillo, is highly recognized. Flavour is a rapper from the United States and a genuine follower of Public Enemy. Flav, who was born in New York, is well-liked all around the world. He has been a moving figure for a while. There are so many specifics about his music and job that people are clamoring for updates on his marital status.

Liz, however, is an attorney who manages worldwide energy contracts and sustainable initiatives. She has also been called the creator of the Lawrence Initiative on Global Law Policy and of America. More information on her professional past and educational background is needed. She prefers to maintain a modest profile.

Liz Trujillo Profile Summary:

Birth Name

Eilzabeth Trujillo
Gender Female
Spouse Name Flavor Flav


48 Years

Place of birth

United States




Middle Eastern
Famous For Wife of Falvour Fav
Profession: Lawyer
Children  N/A
Net worth: N/A

Liz Trujillo Physical Appearance: Age, Height, Weight

The intricacies of the internet state that Liz Trujillo is 48 years old. According to a Famechain article, Liz Trujillo was born in 1975. Her entire birthdate could not be found. Additionally, Liz has never stated her birthday. In a similar vein, nothing regarding her birthday party has been discovered. Her ethnicity is Mid-Eastern and American, but information on her body type, height, weight, hair color, or eye color has yet to be discovered.

Liz Trujillo Education

Regarding her educational history, something has yet to be made public concerning her high school or college years.

Liz Trujillo Husband: Flavor Flav

Many ladies have found Flavor Flav, real name William Jonathan Drayton, attractive. He is, however, wed to Liz Trujillo at the moment. They became friends while filming Flavor Flav, a reality TV show. William proposed to her in the third season, and they wed in a little ceremony. However, Tiffany Pollard, Brigitte Nielsen, Angie Parker, and Karen Ross were among the women her husband had previously dated.

Nevertheless, Flavor Flav received a prison term in 2012 for his knife threat to his adolescent kid. Flav and Liz gave birth to Karma Drayton in 2010. However, Liz has been able to have a private life and a low-key public image.

Liz Trujillo Personal Life and Family

This issue arose when William stopped sharing photos of her with him. William last talked about his wife a while ago. On the other hand, Liz was last spotted in public a while ago. Liz likes to maintain a low profile, as was already said. According to Wiki sources, Liz has a son named Karma, making her family complete.

The news coverage would have been devoted to their divide if they had remained sequestered. Karma Drayton, the kid they had, was given the name. 2010 marked the year of his birth. Flavor Flav and Liz are still together despite their troubled relationship. After brandishing a knife during an argument with Liz’s adolescent son, Flavor Flav received a jail term in 2012. 

Tiffany Pollard, Brigitte Nielsen, Angie Parker, Karen Ross, and Karen Ross were all previously wed similarly. According to the biography, he has been married five times. In April 2013, Liz Trujillo overdosed on medications and passed out during the Couples Therapy taping on VH1. She was taken to the hospital. Initially, an accidental overdose was thought to cause the event, but Flavor’s spokeswoman disputed this claim, citing a source.

Liza Trujillo Career 

International trade and investment lawyer Liz Trujillo concentrates on international energy agreements and sustainable development. Liz is the Lawrence E. Faust Professor of Law and the Initiative on Global Law and Policy for America founding director. Liz’s professional history is largely unknown, although she is also well-known as the renowned wife of the well-known rapper Flavor and Flav. There needs to be more information regarding her running career and possibilities, according to sources from 2020.

Social media ​

In addition, we conjured Liz’s photos, which hinted that she belonged to the age range mentioned before. It seems like something other than Liza Trujillo is using Instagram. We have not found her on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Liz Trujillo’s Net Worth

As a lawyer, Trujillo receives a highly respectable compensation or salary. She has been able to maintain secrecy about her net worth, nonetheless, because of her work as a lawyer. She dislikes drawing attention to herself by boasting about the riches and success she has amassed.


  • Liz’s real name is Eilzabeth Trujillo.
  • Liz Trujillo is well known for being Flavor Flav’s wife.
  • As per the Wiki source, her age is 46.
  • Flavor Flav is married to Liz for the fifth time, per the biography reports.
  • Liz’s husband, Flavor Flav, was sentenced to prison in 2012 after threatening Liz’s teenage son with a knife during an argument.
  • Liz has the oldest son named, Karma Drayton.
  • Liz is still unknown to celebrate her birthday.
  • Liz is not active on social media accounts.
  • Liz’s net worth still needs to be discovered.
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