Shoday Biography, Networth, Career, and Achievements

Shodade Segun, recognized as Shoday in the musical domain, is a rising star in the Afrobeat landscape. Born in Ogun, Nigeria, Shoday infuses his music with captivating melodies and poignant lyrics, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. In a breakthrough moment in 2023, Shoday’s enchanting vocals and artistry were featured in the song “Double XL” by T Dollar alongside Billirano, which quickly became one of Nigeria’s standout love anthems of the year. Guided by the esteemed Yung Music Empire, Shoday’s trajectory has been a testament to his artistic evolution. With estimated net worth ranging from $30,000 to $50,000, his financial achievements parallel his musical prowess.

Profile Summary

Profile Information
Full Name Shodade Segun
Stage Name Shoday
Birth Place Ogun, Nigeria
Genre Afrobeat
Label Yung Music Empire
Net Worth $30,000 – $50,000 (Estimated)
Contact Phone: 0803 286 9375
Social Media Instagram: @Official_Shoday
Twitter: @Official_Shoday


Discover the musical journey of Shoday, a sensational Nigerian Afrobeat artist who has captivated audiences with his soulful melodies and enchanting lyrics. From humble beginnings to global recognition, Shoday’s story is one of passion, talent, and determination.

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Career and Record Label:

Shoday’s musical odyssey began as a content creator and skit aficionado, paving the way for his entrée into the thriving Nigerian music scene. He swiftly caught the attention of industry insiders and listeners alike with his debut hits “Caution” and “Dey 4 You.” Shoday’s exceptional talents earned him a coveted spot under the esteemed Yung Music Empire record label, a platform that amplifies his artistry and showcases his distinct sound to a wider audience.

Net Worth:

Shoday’s musical endeavors have not only garnered him widespread acclaim but have also contributed to his burgeoning net worth. With estimated earnings ranging between $30,000 and $50,000, his financial success mirrors the resonance of his melodies.


Shoday’s musical prowess catapulted him onto prestigious charts, including Nigeria Shazam Charts, Top 100 Apple Music listings, and global iTunes charts. His hit tracks have been celebrated as some of the best love songs of the year, firmly establishing his position as a rising star within the Afrobeat genre.

Height, House, and Cars:

Standing tall both in stature and artistry, Shoday’s exact height remains undisclosed. His growing success hints at the prospect of lavish heights, potentially reflected in his house and car choices that align with his burgeoning celebrity status.

Contact Number:

For inquiries and collaborations, you can reach Shoday at 0803 286 9375 . His team is ready to engage in exciting opportunities that further enhance his musical journey.

Social Media Accounts:

Stay connected and up-to-date with Shoday’s latest releases, news, and behind-the-scenes moments by following him on his social media accounts:

  • Instagram: @Official_Shoday
  • Twitter: @Official_Shoday
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Shoday Songs

  • Caution (2022)
  • Maradona (2023)
  • Caution (Remix) (2022)
  • Double XL (2023)
  • Melanin (Speed Up) (2023)
  • Sweet year (2021)
  • Dey 4 you (2021)
  • For You (2022)
  • Hadiza (2022)
  • Self Respect (freestyle) (2023)


Shoday has maintained a stellar reputation within the industry, focusing his energy on crafting captivating music and connecting with his audience. His dedication to his craft has overshadowed any potential controversies, positioning him as a respected and admired figure in the Afrobeat scene.

Shoday FAQs

1. Who is Shoday?

Shoday, also known as Shodade Segun, is a Nigerian Afrobeat artist and singer celebrated for his enthralling melodies and emotive lyrics. Originating from Ogun State, Nigeria, Shoday has rapidly gained recognition for his unique musical style and vocal prowess.

2. Where is Shoday from?

Shoday hails from Ogun State, Nigeria, a region known for its rich cultural heritage and contributions to the country’s vibrant music scene.

3. What are Shoday’s notable achievements?

In 2023, Shoday gained significant recognition for his feature in the song “Double XL” by T. Dollar alongside Billirano. This collaboration showcased his enchanting vocals and artistic versatility, making the track one of Nigeria’s top love anthems of the year.

4. Which record label is Shoday signed to?

Shoday is proudly signed to the esteemed Yung Music Empire, a prominent record label that has been instrumental in shaping his music career and fostering his rapid rise to fame.

5. What is Shoday’s estimated net worth?

Shoday’s estimated net worth ranges from $30,000 to $50,000, reflecting his burgeoning success and the growing impact of his music within the industry.

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6. Where can I follow Shoday on social media?

Stay updated with Shoday’s latest releases, insights, and updates by following him on his official social media platforms:

  • Instagram: @Official_Shoday
  • Twitter: @Official_Shoday

7. What are Shoday’s most notable songs?

Shoday’s impressive discography includes hit tracks like “Caution,” “Dey 4 You,” and his feature in “Double XL.” These songs have resonated deeply with audiences, showcasing his ability to evoke emotions through his music.

8. Is there any controversy surrounding Shoday?

Shoday has maintained a positive image within the industry, focusing on his music and artistic journey. His dedication to his craft has overshadowed any potential controversies, allowing his music to take center stage.

9. How can I get in touch with Shoday for inquiries or collaborations?

For inquiries, collaboration opportunities, or any other professional matters, you can reach out to Shoday through his provided contact email and phone number, ensuring a direct line of communication.

10. What can we expect from Shoday in the future?

With his exceptional talent and promising trajectory, Shoday is expected to continue creating captivating music and making his mark on the global Afrobeat scene. Fans can eagerly anticipate more exciting releases, collaborations, and achievements from this rising star in the music industry.


Shoday’s path from a content creator to an Afrobeat luminary is a testament to his artistic talent and unwavering commitment. As he continues to create enchanting melodies and inspire audiences, his star is poised to shine even brighter, solidifying his place as a prominent force within the vibrant Nigerian music landscape.


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