Tee Dollar Biography, Networth, Cars and Achievements

Babatunde Olaitan peter, known as Tee Dollar, Werey Onijo, or Mara Dancer in the Nigeria Entertainment industry, is a Street beat Dancer originating from Lagos. With a fusion of captivating dance steps, He burst onto the scene in 2018. Let’s delve deep in Tee Dollar Biography.

Profile Summary

Aspect Information
Full Name Babatunde Olaitan peter
Stage Name Tee Dollar
Birth Year 2001
Birth Place Lagos, Nigeria
Age 22
Passion Dance
Net Worth $20,000 – $50,000 (Estimated)
Social Media TikTok: @teee.dollar, Instagram: @teee.dollar

Early Life: Where It All Began

Meet Tee Dollar, or Babatunde Olaitan peter, the dance sensation from Lagos, Nigeria. Born on 2001, in the lively heart of Lagos, this 22-year-old dynamo grew up in a family of dance enthusiasts. His world was painted with the colors of dance, right from his early days. The rhythm of dance captured his heart and set him on an extraordinary journey.


Tee Dollar didn’t just dance; he also hit the books. He went to school in Lagos, Nigeria, finding a sweet harmony between his education and his passion for dance. He combined his studies with his love for movement, creating a unique blend that shaped his incredible journey.

Tee Dollar Dancer


Tee Dollar’s journey led him to dance stardom. He caught the eye of a prestigious record label, taking his dance from local fame to a global stage. This partnership brought him into the limelight and made him a household name in the dance community.

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Net Worth

Tee Dollar’s dance moves not only amazed but also earned With a net worth estimated between $20,000 and $50,000, he proved that he could turn his passion into prosperity.


While his dance moves are for the world to see, Tee Dollar keeps his personal life private. He knows how to groove on the dance floor and navigate his relationships with grace.


Tee Dollar’s dance journey is a story of success. From viral sensations online to captivating live performances, his achievements shine as brightly as his dance moves.

Height, House, and Cars

Beyond the dance, We have no information about his house, but Tee Dollar lives the high life. He owns two cars, including a recent addition, a Benz. His success is reflected in his comfortable lifestyle.

Social Media Accounts

Tee Dollar is a digital dance star. With over 2 million followers on TikTok (@teee.dollar) and more than 700,000 on Instagram (@teee.dollar), he’s a sensation on social media.


Tee Dollar faces challenges like anyone else, but his dedication to dance keeps him moving forward, away from controversies.

Tee Dollar’s life is a dance in progress, a melody of hard work, passion, and inspiration.


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