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Tobless, a name that is rapidly gaining prominence in the Nigerian music scene, is not just a singer, but a versatile artist, songwriter, rapper, and producer. Hailing from the Southern Eastern region of Nigeria, Tobless has managed to captivate audiences with his unique sound and impressive musical skills. With a career that began to take flight in 2021, Tobless has quickly become a name to watch out for in the industry.

Profile Summary

Aspect Information
Stage Name Tobless
Top Song Richman
Birth Date 1990s
Age over 23 years old
Birth Place Southern Eastern region of Nigeria
Genres Versatile (Singer, Songwriter, Rapper, Producer)
Net Worth $30,000 – $50,000 (Estimated)
Relationship Status Single

Early Life and Musical Journey

From a young age, Tobless exhibited a deep passion for music that served as the driving force behind his career. Growing up in Lagos, Nigeria, he found solace and inspiration in the world of music. His affinity for rap led him to engage in rap competitions with his friends, showcasing his natural talent for wordplay and rhythm.

It was during one of these competitions that Tobless received a life-changing piece of advice. Encouraged by those around him, he decided to explore the world of music beyond rap. This decision proved pivotal, as it marked the beginning of his journey towards becoming one of Nigeria’s most promising music talents.

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Rapid Rise to Fame

Tobless catapulted into the spotlight in 2021 when his song “Richman” featuring DJ Follymore garnered millions of plays on Audiomack within a mere month. The track’s infectious beats and compelling lyrics resonated with listeners, showcasing Tobless’s innate ability to create music that resonates with a wide audience. The song’s success not only solidified Tobless’s position in the music industry but also marked the beginning of his rise to fame.

His collaboration with Seyi Vibez further cemented his status as a noteworthy artist in the Nigerian music scene. Their viral hit song propelled Tobless’s career to new heights, earning him recognition and respect from fans and fellow musicians alike.

Social Media Presence

Tobless’s presence extends beyond the realm of music, as he actively engages with his fans through social media platforms. With over 81k followers on Instagram, he uses his platform to share insights into his life, music, and creative process. You can find him on Instagram under the handle @iam_tobless_rg and on Twitter as @iam_tobless_rg.

Educational Background and Personal Life

While Tobless’s musical journey is well-documented, information about his educational background remains somewhat elusive. His primary, secondary, and tertiary education details have not been widely publicized. If you possess credible information regarding this aspect of his life, please don’t hesitate to reach out through the provided contact page.

Currently residing in Lagos, Tobless continues to make strides in his music career. Despite his meteoric rise to fame, he remains connected to his roots and is grateful for the support of his longtime friend, Seyi Vibez, who has been a constant source of inspiration and camaraderie.

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Songs and Albums

Here are some Tobless songs:

  1. “Spertacus” – Released in 2022 (Album: CHASE)
  2. “Richman” – Released in 2022 (Album: CHASE)
  3. “J.O.B” – Released in 2023 (Album: J.O.B)
  4. “No Time” – Released in 2022 (Album: No Time)
  5. “Alhamdulilah” – Released in 2023 (Album: Alhamdulilah)
  6. “School Two” – Released in 2021 (Album: School Two)
  7. “On God” – Released in 2022 (Album: CHASE)
  8. “Dey Play” – Released in 2023 (Album: Dey Play)
  9. “Spending” – Released in 2022 (Album: CHASE)
  10. “Ayewada” – Released in 2023 (Album: Ayewada

Age and Future Prospects

Born in the 1990s, Tobless’s exact birth date remains undisclosed as of now. His age adds an air of mystery to his already captivating persona. As he continues to evolve as an artist, there’s no doubt that Tobless’s future holds even greater musical achievements and creative endeavors.

Net Worth and Relationship Status

Tobless’s financial success mirrors his rapid rise in the music industry. With an estimated net worth ranging between $30,000 and $50,000, he has managed to leverage his talents and hard work into a noteworthy financial standing. Additionally, Tobless’s relationship status is currently single, allowing him to focus on his music and further elevate his career.


Tobless is undoubtedly a name that has left an indelible mark on the Nigerian music scene. With his exceptional talent, dedication to his craft, and a growing fan base, he is poised to become one of the industry’s leading lights. As he continues to create music that resonates with listeners and captures the essence of his experiences, Tobless’s journey is one that promises excitement, growth, and a lasting impact on the world of music.

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