Feranbanks Biography, Networth, Songs and Achievements

Feranbanks, whose real name is David Oluwaferanmi, is a fast-rising talented Nigerian singer and songwriter. He is known for his hit single “Energy” featuring Zinoleesky. He has collaborated with several notable artists in the Nigerian music industry, In this article, we will delve into Feranbanks’s biography, career, achievements, net worth, and social media presence and more.

Profile Summary

Profile Information
Full Name David Oluwaferanmi
Stage Name Feranbanks
Birth Date December 22, 1997
Origin Edo State, Nigeria
Notable Song “Energy” (featuring Zinoleesky)
Genre Afro-Fusion (Afrobeat and Fuji fusion)
Label Waya Records
Debut Single 2018
Net Worth $50,000 – $100,000 (estimated)
Social Media Instagram: @FeranbanksOfficial
Twitter: @Feranbanks
Facebook: @FeranbanksMusic
Collaborations “Energy” (with Zinoleesky), “Cityboiz” (with Zinoleesky)
Achievements – Nominated in three categories at Ondo State Musical Awards
– Victory in all three categories at Ondo State Musical Awards
– Chart-topping hits and collaborations
Musical Style Afro-Fusion (Blend of Afrobeat and Fuji music)
House Recently acquired a stunning new house apartment
Cars Collection of premium cars


Introducing Feranbanks, the musical prodigy hailing from Edo State, Nigeria. Born on December 22, 1997, in the picturesque town of Akoko, Ondo State, this young sensation has taken the Nigerian music scene by storm. With a passion for music ignited during his formative years, Feranbanks has embarked on an impressive journey to stardom.


Feranbanks’ musical odyssey commenced at a tender age, when he first lent his melodious voice to the hallowed halls of churches and the vibrant corridors of his school. These early experiences not only shaped his vocal prowess but also served as his musical alma mater. As his talent blossomed, Feranbanks transitioned from a local sensation to a national sensation, embracing music as his chosen career path.

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From his roots in Ondo State, Feranbanks skyrocketed to prominence in the Nigerian music scene. In 2018, fresh out of high school, he released his debut single, a watershed moment that heralded the arrival of a new musical force. This debut single garnered immense acclaim, earning him nominations in three categories at the prestigious Ondo State Musical Awards, where he astoundingly clinched victory in all three.

Net Worth

As of the latest estimates, Feranbanks’ star-studded journey has translated into a net worth ranging between $50,000 and $100,000. This financial triumph mirrors his meteoric rise in the music industry, where his innovative sound has captured the hearts of countless fans.

Feranbanks Songs

  1. Cityboiz – Released in 2023 as a testament to Feranbanks’ evolving musical prowess, this track resonates with urban energy and captures the vibrant essence of modern life.
  2. Energy – A milestone release in 2022, “Energy” features a collaboration with Marlian Music’s Zinoleesky, a track that skyrocketed to the summits of numerous music charts and introduced Feranbanks to a wider audience.
  3. Asante – 2023 witnessed the release of “Asante,” a harmonious blend of Feranbanks’ signature sound, showcasing his growth as an artist.
  4. Kolomental – An offering from the 2022 album “Better Days Ahead (BDA),” “Kolomental” exemplifies Feranbanks’ creative versatility and resonates with listeners through its captivating beats.
  5. SARO – Released in 2021, “SARO” echoes Feranbanks’ early successes and is a testament to his evolving musical journey.
  6. Yawa – Another gem from the 2022 album “Better Days Ahead (BDA),” “Yawa” adds depth to Feranbanks’ musical narrative, drawing listeners into his unique sonic world.
  7. Orin Halleluyah – The 2022 album “Better Days Ahead (BDA)” features “Orin Halleluyah,” a track that radiates positivity and encapsulates Feranbanks’ artistic evolution.
  8. The P – A resonant composition from the 2022 album “Better Days Ahead (BDA),” “The P” showcases Feranbanks’ ability to craft melodies that linger in the hearts of his listeners.
  9. Yapa – From the 2022 album “Better Days Ahead (BDA),” “Yapa” delivers an immersive experience, reflecting Feranbanks’ dedication to his craft.
  10. Journey – The track “Journey,” part of the 2022 album “Better Days Ahead (BDA),” invites listeners on a musical voyage, echoing Feranbanks’ personal and artistic growth.
  11. Jamana – Featured on the 2022 album “Better Days Ahead (BDA),” “Jamana” encapsulates Feranbanks’ ability to infuse his music with diverse influences, creating a captivating sonic tapestry.
  12. Wait – Released in 2021, “Wait” showcases Feranbanks’ earlier musical stylings and offers a glimpse into his evolution as an artist.
  13. Lagos – Harking back to 2019, “Lagos” is a snapshot of Feranbanks’ earlier days, reflecting his initial forays into the Nigerian music scene.
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Afro Fusion Maestro

Feranbanks’ music defies easy categorization, seamlessly melding the rich traditions of Afrobeat with the vibrant energy of Fuji music. This unique fusion has birthed a genre that is aptly coined Afro-Fusion, captivating audiences across Nigeria and beyond. His distinct sound has earned him a rightful place in the pantheon of musical trailblazers.

Collaborative Triumphs

Feranbanks’ artistry truly shines in his collaborative efforts. In 2022, he struck gold by teaming up with Marlian Music sensation Zinoleesky on the chart-topping track ‘Energy’. This masterful collaboration surged to the pinnacle of multiple music charts, cementing Feranbanks’ status as a dynamic force in the industry. Another standout is his hit single “Cityboiz”, featuring the electrifying Zinoleesky.

Rising Star at WAYA Records

Feranbanks’ exceptional talents caught the discerning eye of Waya Records, an esteemed record label poised to reshape the music landscape. As a prominent signee of Waya Records, Feranbanks is set to lead the charge, captivating audiences with his unmatched musical prowess.

Social Media Handles

Stay connected with Feranbanks on his social media platforms:

  • Instagram: @FeranbanksOfficial
  • Twitter: @Feranbanks
  • Facebook: @FeranbanksMusic

Girlfriend and Children

While Feranbanks’ musical journey takes center stage, his personal life remains a private sanctuary. He has not publicly disclosed details about his relationship status or children, keeping his focus firmly on his burgeoning music career.

House and Cars

feranbanks house

Feranbanks’ success story is underscored by the finer things in life. His recent acquisition of a stunning new house apartment exemplifies his rise to prominence. Additionally, Feranbanks’ garage boasts a collection of premium cars, a testament to his hard-earned success. feranbanks house 2

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In the world of Nigerian music, Feranbanks shines as a luminary, blending Afro and Fuji influences into an irresistible Afro-Fusion sound. With a string of hits, a thriving career, and an ever-growing fan base, the future holds boundless promise for this musical trailblazer. Stay tuned as Feranbanks continues to conquer the charts and hearts of music lovers worldwide.


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