IShowSpeed Biography, Career, Networth, Girlfriend and Achievements

Meet Darren Watkins Jr., better known as IShowSpeed, a talented American YouTuber, streamer, rapper, and internet personality. Born on January 21, 2005, in Cincinnati, Ohio, his vibrant live streams, energetic gaming content, and unique collaborations have catapulted him into the online entertainment spotlight.

Profile Summary

Profile Details
Full Name Darren Watkins Jr. (Known as IShowSpeed)
Birth Date January 21, 2005
Profession American YouTuber, Streamer, Rapper, Internet Personality
Career Start YouTube in 2016, Live Streaming and Gaming Content from 2017
Rise to Fame Explosive rise through captivating live streams and gaming content, viral TikTok clips
Achievements Breakout Streamer of the Year, 12th Streamy Awards (2022)
Net Worth Estimated $12 million
Relationship Introduced romantic partner Ermony Renee, appearances on channel
Controversy Instances of offensive remarks, bans from platforms, suspensions from video games
House and Cars Details not available
Social Media
YouTube Channel: IShowSpeed
TikTok @ishowspeed
Contact Connect through his social media platforms or official channels
Noteworthy Interactions
Meeting Cristiano Ronaldo June 2023 – Witnessed Portugal match, met Cristiano Ronaldo
Meeting Neymar July 2023 – Met Brazilian football sensation Neymar after a pre-season friendly
between Paris Saint-Germain and Al Nassr


Darren Watkins Jr., widely recognized by his online moniker IShowSpeed or simply Speed, has rapidly ascended the ranks as an American YouTuber, streamer, rapper, and internet personality. Born on January 21, 2005, in Cincinnati, Ohio, his captivating live streams, vibrant gaming content, and unique collaborations have propelled him into the spotlight within the realm of online entertainment.

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In June 2023, Darren Watkins Jr. achieved a significant milestone by graduating from the Ohio Digital Learning School, located in Mauwee, Ohio. This educational achievement was accomplished through online means, highlighting his commitment to pursuing both his passion and education.


Beginning his journey in 2016 on YouTube, Darren Watkins Jr. initially dabbled in sporadic gameplay videos. However, his pivot to live streaming and content focused on games like NBA 2K and Fortnite around December 2017 marked a turning point. Despite modest beginnings with only a few viewers, his subscriber count displayed an impressive upward trajectory. His channel crossed the 100,000-subscriber mark in April 2021, followed by a million in June 2021, and an astonishing 10 million by July 2022. His energetic live streams and engaging gaming content played a pivotal role in cultivating a devoted fanbase.

Rise to Fame:

Between 2021 and 2022, Darren Watkins Jr. experienced an explosive rise to fame. Extracts from his dynamic live streams, characterized by passionate reactions and immersive gameplay, gained traction across platforms like TikTok. These captivating snippets, shared by his dedicated audience, transformed into memes and propelled him to wider recognition. This rapid rise in visibility positioned him as a prominent figure within the digital content creation landscape.


The pinnacle of his accomplishments arrived in 2022 when he clinched the prestigious Breakout Streamer of the Year award at the esteemed 12th Streamy Awards. This accolade stands as a testament to his swift ascent and significant impact within the streaming realm. Furthermore, his ability to create compelling content across diverse genres, spanning gaming and music, has cemented his enduring success.

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Artist Discography

Year Song Title Album
2020 Ca Qua Voi Cop Single
2021 Lying Single
2021 Ava Is The One Single
2021 Poop Inside A Jeep Single
2021 Pasito Single
2022 Shake, Pt. 2 (Sped Up Version) Single
2022 World Cup Single
2022 Shake, Pt. 2 Single
2022 F.U.C. Single
2022 Hey Single
2022 Speed (Freestyle) Single
2022 God Is Good Single
2022 God Is Good 2 Single
2022 Adin I Show Speed Fan Freestyle, No Homo Single
2022 Bounce That DOOTY BOOTY
2022 Fwesh & Speeed BoogaWorld Goat
2022 Welcome To The Diss Album Wanna Be Single
2022 WhiteBoyEm Disstrack Single
2022 Doo Wop (That Thing) Single
2023 Dogs Single
2023 Meme Song (Speed Remix) Single
2023 Portuginies Single

Awards and Nominations:

• Breakout Streamer of the Year, 12th Streamy Awards (2022)

Net Worth:

As of 2023, Darren Watkins Jr.’s net worth is estimated at an impressive $12 million, reflecting his lucrative trajectory as a YouTuber, streamer, and content innovator.


In 2021, Darren Watkins Jr. introduced his romantic partner Ermony Renee to his audience during a live broadcast, marking the public debut of their relationship. Ermony Renee, a prominent presence on TikTok, has graced his channel on multiple occasions, sharing glimpses of their shared journey.


While Darren Watkins Jr.’s journey is marked by accomplishments, it has not been devoid of controversy. At times, his fervent conduct during live streams has led to bans from platforms like Twitch and suspension from certain video games like Valorant. Instances of offensive remarks and behaviors directed at fellow players and viewers have marred his trajectory, resulting in reprimands and temporary removal from these platforms.

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House and Cars:

Specific details regarding Darren Watkins Jr.’s residences and vehicles are not available right now.

Social Media Handles:

• YouTube: IShowSpeed

• TikTok: @ishowspeed


For inquiries related to collaborations or business ventures, you can establish contact with Darren Watkins Jr. through his social media platforms or official channels.

Moreover, in June 2023, Watkins embarked on an extraordinary journey that led him to Portugal, fueled by his deep admiration for his idol, Cristiano Ronaldo. At just 18 years old, he seized the opportunity to witness Ronaldo’s prowess firsthand by attending a match where Portugal emerged triumphant with a resounding 3-0 victory over Bosnia and Herzegovina at Lisbon’s Estádio da Luz. Following the match, Watkins displayed remarkable patience by waiting in the parking lot, an effort that bore fruit as he had a cherished encounter with Ronaldo.

Additionally, in July 2023, where IShowSpeed’s trajectory of noteworthy interactions continued to flourish. This time, he found himself in the company of Brazilian football sensation Neymar. The meeting took place after a pre-season friendly between Paris Saint-Germain and Al Nassr. This meeting underscores the breadth of his connections, extending beyond the realm of online entertainment to the realm of globally renowned athletes.


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