10 Recommended Countries That Grant Citizenship By Marriage

10 Recommended Countries That Grant Citizenship By Marriage

One common misconception is that marrying a foreigner gives you citizenship immediately: this is only true in rare cases, and generally only in random countries.

Instead, marrying a citizen generally gives you the ability to obtain residency in their country. In the wealthiest countries, such as Canada and Ireland, Recommended Countries That Grant Citizenship By Marriage and become naturalized the same way as everyone else.

Although it’s not encouraged and acceptable to go for a marriage of convenience but having a second passport or being a citizen of a country that allows dual citizenship is the smartest way of traveling the world for those that love the adventure, especially business travelers.

Here are the 10 Recommended Countries That Grant Citizenship By Marriage in 2023:


A former Soviet Socialist Republic territory, Ukraine is a vast country located in Eastern Europe, is a country that recognized citizenship by marriage. If you can marry a Ukrainian and you’re being staying together for more than two years, you are free to apply for citizenship.
Citizenship by marriage in Ukraine is so popular that it’s possible to search for semi-legal entities specialized in matchmaking and connecting guys with potential partners provided you can pay for the service.
The only disadvantage in the acquisition of Ukrainian citizenship is that she doesn’t allow dual citizenship. On the other hand, as a Ukrainian passport holder, you have the freedom to travel to many countries visa-free.


A country located in North America, neighboring United States, Guatemala, and Belize, is a place where having a Mexican citizen as the spouse is a huge advantage.
Foremost, you’re qualified to apply for citizenship after two years of staying with your wife or husband in Mexico.
Secondly, you’re qualified for Mexican Passport, which enables you to visa-free entry into more than 134 countries.

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The largest country in South America and the fifth-largest nation in the world offers you the fast way to citizenship as a foreigner if you are legally married to a Brazilian. Unlike many other countries in which you spent years in the qualification processes, in Brazil, if you’re married to a Brazilian, you could be granted citizenship within one year of your love relationship.
This is far better and faster than the investment and permanent resident options, which enables the foreigner to apply after four years of uninterrupted residency, having a spouse qualifies you citizenship one year of continuous staying in Brazil.


While some say it’s just good common sense to marry a Jewish girl, marrying a Jew has other benefits. Israel’s Law of Return is somewhat complicated but allows Jews and their descendants to obtain permanent residence in Israel rather quickly.

An Israeli passport does restrict you from traveling to most of the Middle East, Malaysia, and Indonesia, and living in Israel comes with a high tax burden. However, it is an above-average travel document for the right person.


As in neighboring Spain, Portugal requires those who obtain Portuguese residency to live in the country for at least six years before applying for a passport. However, those married to a Portuguese citizen can apply for naturalization more quickly.

The process doesn’t even require you to spend time on Portuguese soil, meaning you could live overseas with a Portuguese spouse and still qualify. However, while the process is often easier on foreign spouses, naturalization does require you to learn some of the Portuguese languages and have ties to the country.


Similar to Ireland’s program, Poland allows those with a Polish spouse to become a naturalized citizen after three years of marriage and two years of continuous residence in the country. Unlike Ireland, Poland is a conservative country that does not recognize gay marriage or civil unions, so you will need to be legally married.

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In addition to being married for three years, you must spend the majority of two years in Poland.

While the country’s presence in the Schengen Area means you may be able to sneak out, the Polish government wants you to live in their country. Your year of residence will incur tax on your worldwide income at rates of 18–32%, although if you have an offshore company, there may be ways to reduce your income legally.

That said, this is still one of the more difficult citizenships to get by marriage.

There is no technical language requirement to obtain Polish citizenship by marriage, which is surprising as the government has nearly mandated that citizens by descent speak Polish. However, two years of living in Poland should help you learn some of the languages.


This island country located in the Mediterranean Sea, South of Sicily, Italy, is another country that allows citizenship by marriage. A few years back precisely around the year 2000, as soon as you engaged or married a Maltese you’re qualified to apply for citizenship, however, due to fraudulent practices by some people and the high demand for Maltese citizenship, currently, if you’re eligible to apply you must wait for at least five years before placing in your application for Maltese citizenship.
The citizenship by marriage could be processed by presenting ( the two parties)
1. Marriage certificate
2. Birth certificate
3. Identity card
4. Date and place or registry office where the wedding was performed.
5. Name of the presiding officer.
6. Signature of witnesses to the marriage.


Colombia is the second freest economy in South America, a continent with endless opportunities. And, in my opinion, the place is perhaps the most significant hidden gem in all of the Americas, so much so that I’m personally obtaining residency by investing there.

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However, you can speed up the 5–10 year-long process by marrying a Colombian citizen. By marriage, the timeline is shortened to only two years to obtain Colombian citizenship. The only faster way to get your hands on a Colombian passport is if you’re from another Latin country, in which case the timeline is one year.


This island country off the coast of West Africa presents a lover that married her citizen, one of the fastest citizenship in the world.
As soon as you married, you are free to apply for citizenship, and you are qualified for one of the most powerful passports in the world, you’re free to travel and enter very many countries you’ve been dreaming about for so long without the need to obtain a visa to enter.
The standard application for citizenship commences after five years of being a legal resident of Cape Verde; however, if you can find someone to marry in this small island country, you can apply immediately.


Have you ever been to Belgrade? Walk around for an hour, and you’ll realize that some of the most beautiful people on earth come from Serbia and the Balkans. Not only that, but everyone I’ve spoken to has been hot and approachable. Not only that, but Serbia is one of my “hidden gems” for lower-cost living in Europe and has the world’s fastest-improving passport.

So, how do you become a Serbian citizen through marriage? Quite simply, you must have been married to a Serbian for three years, maintain permanent residence, and sign paperwork claiming that Serbia is “your country.”

As with many such countries, the rules on how much time you need to live in Serbia are somewhat nebulous and not always enforced, but they are generally less strict than western countries that count every day

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